Diastasis Recti Exercise | Before + After Pictures

Exercises to reduce Diastasis Recti are those which actively restore, repair and strengthen the deep muscles of your core and pelvic floor.  If you have a diastasis recti gap of more than 2 finger widths, 6 weeks or more after your baby has been born,  your core remains unstable and you’ll struggle to get a stomach that lies flat :( until you correct it. (But don’t worry even if it’s a LOT longer than 6 weeks after your baby was born, you can always improve it!)

Meet Stefanie who has recently completed the MuTu System 12 week programme, which includes exercises to reduce diastasis recti after her second baby. She started the programme at 9 weeks postpartum.

diastasis recti exercises post pregnancy | 40 weeks pregnant with number 2

40 weeks with number 2

diastasis recti exercises post pregnancy | 9 weeks postpartum

9 weeks postpartum

diastasis recti exercises post pregnancy | 18 weeks postpartum

18 weeks postpartum

diastasis recti exercises | 21 weeks postpartum

21 weeks postpartum

Here’s what she emailed with her photos…

“I’m in the last week of the mutusystem now so I thought you might appreciate some before and after pics of what I have managed to achieve with your help! I’m not sure how much I have lost in inches etc as I never measured myself, but I lost 8lbs and am now back in my pre-pregnancy clothes which is the main thing :-) The tummy’s not quite there yet but it’s a hell of a lot better and I no longer hate it. I will definitely keep at it!”

Clearly Stefanie didn’t have a great deal of weight to lose, and so her stomach shows very clearly the effects of diastasis recti and how committing to the MuTu System  exercises have corrected it over 12 weeks. Doesn’t she look fantastic??

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  • FrauHopkins

    I can’t believe how enormous I was at full term, makes me wince just looking at that picture!
    I’m so, so glad that I came across Mutusystem on Twitter. Before I started the programme I was feeling pretty depressed with my stomach and was fed up of still looking 4 months pregnant after I’d had my baby. I doubted that it would ever go down, it just seemed too messed up!
    But I thought I had nothing to lose and religiously did the core exercises every day and the workouts 4-5 times a week for the duration of the programme and miraculously, I did start to see an improvement! When I felt demotivated or that things had come to a standstill, Wendy was great at reassuring me and keeping me going. I must admit that I didn’t *quite* believe her when she said the diastasis recti would repair but happily she was right :-) I’m definitely going to keep the exercises and workouts up, I can’t recommend the programme enough!

    • http://mutusystem.com Wendy Powell

      Thanks Stefanie – you look amazing :)

    • MamaZoop

      Wow!!  I am sadly where you were a few months ago.  All I have left to lose is my pregnant looking tummy and I am four weeks into the program! I am seeing a slight improvement and know it’s a matter of time.  Seeing your results has really helped motivate me!  Thanks for posting your pics!!! :-)  

  • http://twitter.com/vmarks1984 Victoria Marks

    Well done Stef you look amazing! I will use you as my motivation when I am feeling lethargic about exercising xx

  • Petra

    Very well done :-) it’s awesome !

  • Pbompart

    My tummy is still huge 1yr and 7 months after giving birth to my 4th child. I have never wrapped my stomach. Are there any free videos available with these exercises?

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

       Hi there, yes, just sign up in the pink cloud at the top of this page for a free sample video from our program & free report!