Pregnancy + Postnatal Exercise Video | Low Impact Cardio Ideas

Pregnancy and postnatal exercise video below! Pregnancy and postnatal exercise needs to be low impact (read more about why early postnatal exercise needs to be low impact here) But it can be hard to think of low impact cardio ideas sometimes - IE how to get your heart rate up, warm up and add an aerobic element to your interval training (another video of that for you here... but that one has … [Read more...]

Postnatal Exercise Classes | Boot Camp

Part 2 of my Postnatal Exercise Classes lowdown... What some of the most popular disciplines and classes will do for your baby belly… and what they won’t, as well as things to look for when going to any of these types of postnatal classes. In case you missed last week on Postnatal Pilates, you can view that here. This week, an exercise class format that has taken the workout world by storm … [Read more...]

How To Lose Your Pregnancy Weight

Following on from Putting on Weight in Pregnancy, explaining how much goes on, I figured it might be helpful to give you some pointers on actually losing weight after pregnancy. Not all your pregnancy weight gain was fat, but once all those extras have gone and your body no longer needs those extra maternal fat stores... the rest is. :( If we were to believe the celebrity magazines, we'd think … [Read more...]

Exercising But Not Losing Fat? This Is Why

Doing loads of exercise will not make you slim. Or rather, not if that's ALL you do. Do you ever say, 'Well I went for a run today, so I can have this pizza' ? Or 'I've been to the gym, so I deserve a latte on the way home'? Most of us have at some time justified a *treat*, by believing all that extra exercise somehow cancelled it out. But then you didn't lose any fat. DESPITE doing all that … [Read more...]

Tummy Still Look Pregnant After Childbirth? Here’s Why

Does your tummy still look pregnant, even though you had your baby months ago? Is your post pregnancy belly not squidgy, or jelly-belly like, but rather hard and protruding, as if you were 5 months pregnant again? This could be due to a condition known as diastasis recti. But other factors could also be causing it... This can be more confusing when the rest of your body is relatively lean or … [Read more...]

‘Diastasis Recti Causes a Mummy Tummy’. Discuss.

Diastasis Recti (click for more info) is without doubt a major culprit (or at least a symptom) in the mummy tummy stakes. But make sure you don't overlook diet, excess fat storage and maybe a lack of motivation or a feeling of hopelessness about your situation too. Here's some ideas and strategies that might help. If you have a post pregnancy belly which bulges or protrudes, and seems to … [Read more...]

How to Eat To Lose Your Baby Weight + Your Mummy Tummy!

How do you eat to lose your baby weight and your mummy tummy?  Karin, mummy blogger at CafeBebe is a good few months (years... ;)) postpartum, but still has baby weight and mummy tummy she'd like to see less of. And I'm a sucker for one of the sisterhood in tears, so when she came to find me at the CyberMummy conference for a hug and some support because yet another person thought she was … [Read more...]

Postnatal Exercises Video | Interval Training Workout Video

Postnatal exercises don't have to mean long workouts or gym memberships! Lose your baby weight with this interval training workout that will drop pounds and build lean muscle... and you can do it in your garden! I did. You don't need any equipment, you don't need to go anywhere, and your kids can join in... Have fun! I hope it helps to make a little more sense of what you're supposed to be … [Read more...]

Eat To Lose Baby Weight. (Yes I Know. You Know)

To lose baby weight, I know you KNOW what you're supposed to eat and not supposed to eat. "Apples not cakes. Greens not pastry. Yada Yada. I KNOW!" "Eat less crap. Exercise more'. I KNOW!" So if we all know how to eat to lose our baby weight and it's so easy, why don't we all do it? Why aren't all mums walking around smugly with a lean, sexy body, rather than a wobbly mummy tummy? Well … [Read more...]

The Quickest, Most Efficient, Effective Way To Postnatal Fitness + Fat Loss?

I am always banging on about interval training as being the most efficient, effective route to postnatal fitness and fat loss. But intervals can be confusing... especially if you're used to long cardio sessions or steady paced 'legs, bums and tums' type static sessions (or of course if you're not used to doing anything at all ;)) so I'm going to try to clear it up for you! I hope this … [Read more...]