‘This Was a Fun Walk, Mom!’

Shared with permission from MuTu Mama, Barbara from the private support group today – she added, ‘These are the moments that make MuTu so powerful for us!”

“My son is very curious, his favorite word is ‘why’ – well, he is 4, so that’s quite fitting…. he asked me why I do my exercises + take walks…. so I told him that mommy’s tummy will look + feel better if iIdo that. He asked me what was wrong with my tummy (I kinda love that he doesn’t see it as ‘broken’ or ‘damaged’) + I said nothing, but it’s just stretched out from when he lived in it + from when his little sister lived in it. He was happy to get confirmation that yes, he lived in there first…. + he insisted he join me for my walk today. He rode his run bike so I actually had a nice walk! About halfway back he all of a sudden stops + shouts, ‘Mom! Mom! Check! Check now!’ I asked him what he meant, + he said, ‘Check your tummy. Check it now. See if it’s better. I bet it’s better, Mom, this was a fun walk.’ – + although  I know it will take many more walks, + many more exercises, I can’t help but think that today’s walk, was in fact, really fun.”

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