In-program upgrade exclusively available to MUTU Life members.

A Million MUTU Mama Workouts App from MUTU System Limited. Only available to members who have already registered for our premium level program.

It is intended for Moms who have restored their basic strength and core function with MUTU System and are now ready for high intensity home workouts – but without heading directly to bootcamp, running or high impact exercise which could compromise their core.

A Million MUTU Mama Workouts gives you all the workout variety and progression you could wish for, along with reminders, alerts and the option to save your favourite workouts or hit shuffle and get a new workout every time!


A Million MUTU Mama Workouts holds a HUGE library of safe, low impact but high intensity exercises specifically designed for mums’ bodies and lifestyles. We shot demo images and full instructions of every single one for you, then we did something super-clever…

The workouts on the App can be combined according to pre-set formulas to create real-time, fully automated and instructed home workouts. Like the MUTU Intensive workouts you know and love, but with endless combinations! You can follow the presets we’ve made for you, pick your own, or hit the ‘shuffle’ function to mix it up every time.

All workouts are interval training based, meaning that you have 3 rounds, of 3 or 6 exercises (depending on whether you choose a 15 or 30 minute workout) with short rests in between each move, plus a warm up to start and stretches to finish.

Exercises on the App are progressed for three increasing levels of intensity and core strength: ‘Rookie’, ‘Toddler’ and ‘School Run, and include warm up and stretch routines. You increase your library of options as you move through the levels, so by the time you’re on School Run, there are literally more than a million workouts options!

  • Workout alerts and reminders, the ability to pick 15-minute or 30-minute workouts and the facility to save and share routines.
  • No pre-chosen background music – just audio cues and instructions. We know that some of you like to work out to Beyonce, others to Beethoven… So we’ve kept it clean with audio cues only so you can enjoy your own playlist!