The moms doing the MUTU System program (A.K.A the ‘MUTU Mamas’) are kinda special. They are a group of women who’ve bought babies into the world and refuse to just ‘put up with’ a body that doesn’t work as it should.

They are tired of unwanted pains, niggles and symptoms and, with the help of MUTU System, are equipping themselves with the tools to get a stronger, more functional core, so they can do the the daily movements required of them and the exercise that they love!

If you’re a MUTU Mama, I’m pretty sure you’re going to relate to at least one of these below.

The 10 Things A MUTU Mama Can Relate To…


#1 You walk. An awful lot! Rain or shine you can be seen, kids in tow, out with the stroller, walking like a badass.


#2 You’re normally not working out alone. Kids, cats, dogs and other family pets will join you on the mat, when it’s MUTU time


#3 You’ve mastered how to multi-task and you can bust out MUTU moves while cooking, cleaning or on vacation. Frankenstein walk is a favourite while prepping dinner!

source: HuffPost

#4 You’re the queen of squat and will get down at any given opportunity.


#5 Your house often smells like boiled bones… Weird to the average person, but you’ve a production line ofbone broth going on, all in the name of rebuilding collagen!


#6 You’re the one rocking flats, whatever the occasion, and feeling smug when you see all your heel wearing friends tottering around. No blisters here!

source: photoshopwithmaurice

#7 You know better than to ask a woman if she’s pregnant! Even if you’re almost certain she is… You just don’t!


#8 You’ll use pretty much anything to act as a Squatty Potty when you’re away from home. All in the name of keeping your toilet game on point.

source: dailyburn52

#9 You’ve taught your whole family how to squat properly. It’s Thanksgiving dinner and your teaching Grandma how to squat like a boss.


#10 You can’t get enough of Wendy’s British accent. Even your kids ask to put MUTU on so they can listen.

MUTU System is the medically recommended, proven post baby recovery program to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, heal your Diastasis Recti and help you to lose weight – all from the comfort of your home.

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