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In Gorgeous Mama Mode…

Women who are following the MUTU System 12 Week online training programme, or who are training with our team of licensed London personal trainers, are invited to join a closed community forum where they swap stories and pictures, ask questions and support each other.

It’s ‘closed’ so that comments are confidential within the group, but last week one of our Mutu Mamas left such a cool post I simply had to ask her permission to share it here.

The very lovely Catherine was only too happy to let me, so in her own words, here’s what this gorgeous Mama had to say!

Hi Ladies,

I’m just repeating week 12 (blame my sinuses) but have loved the program from start to finish. I fitted into the dress I was aiming for (and could even sit down in it thank you very much), and I’ve even got little bicep bumps!

Meanwhile, I thought you might like to know the 12 things I have learnt during my 12 weeks of MUTU:

Number One : It works! It really bloody does. Just listen to Wendy and Do What She Tells You.
2. Forty-five seconds can be a veeeery long time,
3. but 15 seconds seems like nothing.
4. After 38 years, it turns out that I am actually a morning person. Who knew?!
5. My boys (ages 4 and 20 months) go nuts for oatcakes and almond butter. “Mummy, we should have a whole lunch of these. Every day”.
6. I HATE mountain climbers.
7. No-one notices brown pasta. Just do it.
8. The warm-up lunge position is still a killer.

MUTU System Testimonials | Catherine

… And In Wine o’Clock and Mojo-Kickin’ Mode

9. Nothing makes you feel smugger than getting *More Gorgeous By the Day* 

[that’s one of the intensive workouts in the programme!] in the back garden summer sunshine at 6am.
10. Despite Wendy’s optimism, I really really can’t workout with my kids around.
11. Despite the above, I love Wendy’s optimism!
12. In fact I think I love Wendy full stop.”

I can’t top that, so I won’t even try. Thanks Catherine! :)