In celebration of this Mother’s Day weekend and all the awesome mamas out there, we’re giving you a fabulous 20% off the MUTU System program, this weekend only!

We spend every waking hour looking after others, running around like crazy, feeling exhausted and sometimes like we’re a little lost. We want you to stop what you’re doing for a second, drop everything and focus for a moment on YOU. You spend so much time serving others and you forget to serve yourself.

Use your special discount code ‘MOMS20’ at the checkout!

We understand that it’s easy to just shrug off your own problems, insecurities, and issues and place them at the bottom of the pile, we’ll worry about them another day. But here we believe that every woman is deserving of a body that makes her feel good, that works, makes her happy and confident again.

You cannot pour from an empty cup and your family’s happiness is dependent on your happiness.

So we invite you into our community, 41,000 strong, a community of women who’ve said NO WAY, to a body that doesn’t make her feel anything less than fabulous.


Everything you need to know….

  • The sale will run from 00.01am Friday 11th May – 23.59pm Monday 14th May EST
  • You get 20% off the MUTU System program.
  • Discount is applied using a special code ‘MOMS20’. This code WILL NOT work outside the sale period and will expire at 00.01am Monday 14th May EST.
  • This discount does not apply to the MUTU System Kit Bag.