We love celebrating moms!

This Mother’s Day we are offering a 25% discount to celebrate you! Get yourself the gift that keeps giving! This sale will run from May 10th – 13th, and we want to share our 20 reasons why you aren’t going to want to miss it!

I would pay full price for this amazing program, actually about three years ago I did. I had been suffering from symptoms for six years and after some serious research not knowing anything about this program at the time this seemed to be the best one out there. Now knowing what I know and since putting my own body through the entire process I truly believe that every woman should know and do MUTU. Investing in myself and the way my body feels and works was worth it to me and continues to be. MUTU has become part of my everyday life. I will continue to educate women in this often ignored area of women’s health. Making sure they have the tools and resources they deserve to have bodies that work right!

So here are 20 reasons why you won’t want to miss out on the M.O.M.S, Mother’s day sale!

  1. You will be reminded that self-love is never selfish and that you are enough
  2. It was made by a mom for moms and is totally doable for any busy mom
  3. You will learn things about your body that will make it work right
  4. Gain the body confidence you deserve in motherhood
  5. You can do it from the comfort of your own home
  6. All functional movements – no gym required
  7. You could experience pain-free and better sex
  8. Your lower back and hip pain could vanish due to a functional core system
  9. You may experience dry underwear and not have to worry about wearing black yoga pants “just in case”
  10. You will get a total body, functional workout in less than 40 minutes, that includes core, warmup and intensive
  11. You will learn everything you need to know about diastasis recti and how to rehab it too
  12. You move at your own pace through the 12 modules. This is YOUR program and there will never be anyone hurrying you through the modules.
  13. You can download and print out all of the exercises for quick and handy access from anywhere and anytime
  14. You will have access to a private community in MUTU Connect where you will join other women who are there to support you every step of the way
  15. You will be in tune with your entire core system. Learning how to properly engage your ab muscles and pelvic floor, which will have your core system working together and feeling good
  16. Have access to 12 modules that are user-friendly. 4 core phases, 4 intensive phases that are all medically recommended and doctor approved
  17. Have access to MUTU food that can help you regulate your hormones and have more energy
  18. Since postpartum is forever this program will work for you no matter how long it’s been. Never too late to rehab muscles that are weak and not working as they should
  19. You will connect with other women in the Connect Community that are going through exactly what you are going through. You will realize that you are not alone in this journey and be supported along the way
  20. You will become part of 52,000 (and growing every day) MUTU Mamas whose lives have been drastically changed by simply saying yes to their own self-care

I recommend this program all day long at full price, but when there is a sale I really don’t want you to miss out! Every sale there are women on the fence and this is often what has them jumping over to join us. There are also women every sale that will write to me once the sale has passed regretting they didn’t take advantage. Don’t be that mama! Remember that self-care is never selfish and you are worth this and so much more!

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