Wendy’s a good egg. So much so that every year on her birthday she gives a massive discount off MUTU System programs for 24 hours, to moms all over the world.

On the 6th of July, Wendy turns 45 and (you guessed it) is giving a whopping great 45% off any of our programs for 24 hours only! You know the drill, once it’s gone, it’s gone, so get the date in your diary Mama.

In celebration of Wendy’s birthday bonanza we’ve put together 45 reasons we know you’ll love MUTU…

  1. We know how to make you feel better about your post-baby body.
  2. We live, breathe and sleep postpartum recovery.
  3. We can help you to find your mojo again.
  4. You’ll feel stronger.
  5. You’ll feel sexy.
  6. You’ll learn how to keep your body safe + strong.
  7. YOU choose between two programs to suit your own needs.
  8. MUTU will help you reconnect with your body.
  9. You’ll learn to love your body again.
  10. MUTU fits around even the busiest schedule.
  11. Seriously, it’s 20 minutes a day!
  12. We’ve helped thousands of women feel good about their body again.
  13. Our community support group of MUTU Mamas is totally awesome!
  14. You’ll meet lots of other moms around the world within the group.
  15. You’ll get to share your story and hear advice from other moms taking part in the program too.
  16. The group is completely private. VIP mamas only!
  17. You’ll be welcomed with a big warm (virtual) hug.
  18. You’ll learn all about healthy eating and nutrition for moms through MUTU Food.
  19. You’ll also learn how to feed your family good stuff too!
  20. We’ll teach you all about body alignment.
  21. With these tools, you’ll know how to properly align your body.
  22. If you pee yourself when you run or sneeze…MUTU can help with that.
  23. If you can’t get rid of your mummy tummy… MUTU can help with that too.
  24. We’re all about positive mindset.
  25. Encouragement is our middle name!
  26. Taking part in the program means you’ll get outside every single day and just walk.
  27. Your kids can join in too! We love MUTU Minis!
  28. Walking is great for family time and means you’ll all burn off some energy. Win-win.
  29. You’ll function better.
  30. You’ll look better.
  31. You’ll feel better.
  32. It’s medically recommended by medical experts across the globe.
  33. We’ve won some pretty awesome awards!
  34. We’ve got your back. Whether you’re 1 week into the program or 10 years!
  35. Our Customer Service team, Team MUTU, are on hand to answer any queries you might have.
  36. We talk about vaginas and stuff openly and frankly.
  37. We’re kinda like that honest best friend…
  38. We give back each month by donating to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia to support women suffering with Obstetric Fistula
  39. MUTU will become part of your day and you’ll want to share it with others.
  40. ‘Follow the Van’ and ‘Hanging off the Step’ will be your favourite new moves.
  41. MUTU will give you the tools to be a stronger mom.
  42. …a healthier mom…
  43. …and a happy, body confident role model for your kids
  44. Your self-confidence will benefit.
  45. People will start to notice a sparkle in your eye as you gain confidence again.

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Don’t forget to put Wendy’s Birthday Bonanza in your diary on the 6th July to get a humongous 45% off MUTU System programs*.

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*The sale will run for 24 hours only on 6th July 2016 and cannot be backdated, extended or use with any other promotion.