Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Wendy, Happy 48th Birthday to our fierce leader and MUTU CEO!

It’s always easy to remember how old Wendy will be because every year on her birthday to celebrate she offers her age as a percentage discount on the program! 

First off, I love a woman who is not afraid to tell her age, and talk about knowing how to get down and party on your special day with an epic sale! Personally, I have looked forward to this day and this sale for the last 4 years because so many new MUTU mamas join our community on this special day and it’s always a blast!

My top 5 reasons you won’t want to miss the BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR on July 6th.

  1. It’s the biggest sale of the year! You will not get the program this cheap until next year on the 6th of July…I promise!
  2. This program is a must for ALL women no matter what stage of motherhood or womanhood you are in. You deserve a body that feels good and works right. This program will deliver that and so much more! I personally did MUTU to heal my diastasis recti and used it again to heal my body post-hysterectomy.
  3. This medically recommended online program will give you the tools that women deserve to take control of their body. Focusing on function first because we all deserve to have that and so much more!
  4. There will never be a perfect time to start something new. Life gets busy and as moms, our to-do-list never seems to get shorter. This may be the perfect time because you are going to get the program at nearly ½ the regular price! Every year I have women reach out to me after the sale regretting not getting it, don’t be that girl! MUTU says it best – self-care is never selfish, do this for you!
  5. You will join a one of a kind community with over 52,000 MUTU mamas who are on this journey with you. You can ask questions whenever you like and get answers from the experts!

Being a MUTU mama for the past four years myself has been a game changer in many ways. Having a body that functions properly has given me new purposes in life that I could have never imagined. This community full of women who have my back will soon have yours too! There is never any comparison or competition, instead, it’s full of support and always uplifting! It’s a special community where we focus on function first to ensure that you have a body that works right and feels good to you!

I could go on for days about how awesome this program is and the women in this community are. Everyone from Team MUTU to the MUTU mamas. I want you to see for yourself though! Don’t miss this epic Birthday sale by saving 48% in celebrating Wendy’s 48th Birthday!

PS – Don’t be “that girl” in my inbox on July 7th kicking herself for missing the most epic sale of the year!

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