When you’re working alone as a fitness professional the idea of growth seems overwhelming and far out of reach at times. I’ve worked in this industry for more than fifteen years and believe me, it’s not always been plain sailing. I’ve worked with clients I didn’t really want to be working with and struggled to attract and keep the ones I so desperately wanted to train. Making real profits, building a business and a team has taken years of hard work and dedication. I now lead a global million dollar postpartum fitness business and empower women all over the world to feel awesome about themselves and their fitness journey.

Want some tips on succeeding with your own business growth? Follow these five critical steps to growing your own health and fitness business…

Step 1: Step Up Your Expertise and Your Practice – You’re already a qualified professional but there’s always new things to learn and ways to improve your expertise. I’m not talking about google-ing ‘postnatal exercise’. I mean really know your stuff. Put yourself through professional training from experts that dominate particular sectors, read books and blogs written by respected specialists in your field. Stay on top of evidence based research and the latest progressive thinking in your area, and train yourself to think critically and be flexible and open to new knowledge. Don’t neglect actual practice, your clients’ or your own.  You’re working with human bodies and one size doesn’t fit all… . Not sure how something should feel or how to cue it? Do it yourself. Lots of different ways. Figure it out by doing it, not just reading about it.

Step 2: Specialize – Don’t try to be or claim to be everything to everybody. Decide who you really love working with – an age group, a type of athlete, a time of life (like pregnancy, or rehab)  – and really explore their needs, issues, goals and characteristics. When you can serve a market with real passion and specialist expertise, you’ll find your voice and your niche. You’ll also likely find that you’re the only health and fitness professional in your area serving that specific market and addressing their needs, therefore you’ve just made yourself the Go-To.

Step 3: Be Genuinely Credible – Credibility is gained through integrity, experience and knowledge and also by aligning yourself with industry leaders and experts. Identify who is killing it in your sector and who complements your services, then reach out, learn from them, collaborate and share knowledge and resources. Referrals and recommendations will naturally follow. Focus on step 1 to build those credible foundations first and foremost.

Step 4: Know How to Market Your Business – You might be the most awesome personal trainer but if no one knows about you, you can’t serve anyone and… you don’t have a business. Nail your marketing, and target people in your area who are crying out for support. You’ve invested time and money in your business and your own expertise, so make sure you know how to tell the right people about your business. Be proactive online and put yourself in front of your ideal customers.

Step 5: Don’t Get Distracted By Industry Ego – Make the distinction between your peers and your customers. Invest time and effort into building relationships with peers and thought leaders, for sure. But your writing, your effort and passion, your graft, day in day out, should always be for your customers. I see people invest so much energy into trying to impress or out-smart people who know the same stuff they do. Posturing for ‘who’s the cleverest’ in clique-y FB groups won’t build your business. Giving true value to your customers will. Make sure you know the difference.

Find out how I’ve helped professionals like you to further grow their health and fitness businesses through my MUTU Pro Certification.  I’m passing on over 15 years of experience and expertise to equip you with the practical and business tools you need to really take things to the next level. If business has plateaued, learn more here.