5 Ways to Fit in Exercise as a New Mom | MUTU System

Navigating motherhood can often feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube with a blindfold on. The baby is important, but so are you, mama! On top of everything this new role brings you, you also have to try and figure out how to fit in exercise as a new mom.

Here at MUTU System, we encourage mamas to take time for you. To heal your body and rehab your core and pelvic floor. We want to encourage you through body positivity and want you to feel good in your postpartum body. One that not only feels good but works right too! 

We have read all of the books and gotten all of the advice, even the unsolicited stuff we didn’t ask for!. We are ready for motherhood and are going to follow all of the books we read, line for line, once the baby arrives. Right! This is going to be a breeze, we got this! 

Then the baby arrives and you are faced with the reality of being a parent.  You quickly realize you have no idea what you are doing! How in the world can you even begin to think about how you will fit exercise in as a new mom!

How do you fit in exercises as a new mom?

You quickly start wondering where in the world that chapter was on how to do all the things the books don’t tell you about! Sprinkled with exhaustion and getting to know the new you – the mom you just instantly became! 

We can’t tell you where to find all of the missing chapters you’re looking for, but we can share some tips and tricks on how to fit in exercise as a new mom

  1. Let the mom guilt go! It is ok to take time for you and let someone else hold that precious baby! It’s easy to get lost in motherhood and forget that we are still humans too! Don’t forget that you still matter SO much, mama. Enjoy the time you have before you have a crawler and then a walker that gets into everything. Things you didn’t even know you had!
  2. Schedule the time for you! Just like you would schedule a hair or nail appointment or coffee with friends. Block off time for your MUTU exercises. This program was made by a mom for moms. You can get an exercise in, in as little as 12 minutes a day.
  3. Ask your partner for help! Explain to your partner that it is important for you to take this time for yourself! Set up a special time every day just for you and your mat. Let your partner bond with the baby. It will be beneficial for both parties!
  4. Get your MUTU on when the baby naps. I know, I know! Everyone says “sleep when the baby sleeps.” What if you got comfortable on your mat with pillows and bolsters, did your 12 minutes of MUTU core and focused breathing and engaging. Then you just didn’t leave the mat after you were done until the baby wakes up! That’s multitasking at its finest!
  5. Give yourself grace! Every. Single. Day. I haven’t figured everything out in my 11 years of motherhood, but one thing I know for sure is that not every day and every moment will go as planned. Some days will be full of chaos and baby poop and you forgetting to feed yourself. Give yourself grace and a fresh start for tomorrow. Don’t get caught up in missing one day, just pick yourself back up and start over fresh! 

This is why we love giving our mamas lifetime access to the program. We know motherhood throws curveballs and we want you to be able to take your time going through this program. Taking it day by day and module by module, We will be cheering you on every step of the way.

One thing I know for sure is that mamas are creative! It comes with our motherly intuition! Remember there is no one way to do ANYTHING! Whether that be the way you care for your baby or the ways we figure out ways to fit in exercise as a new mom. Get creative, play around and see what works for you and your new norm as you navigate motherhood. Never any judgement or competition here, we support ALL mamas from all walks of life! 

Comment below with your top tip on how to fit in exercise as a new mom.👇👇👇