The unmissable live series from MUTU System

For every woman who’s ever had a baby. No matter how you gave birth, no matter how long ago you gave birth, this series is for you, and it’s completely FREE!

Discover the truth about your body that no medic, friend or trainer has ever told you, in three 30-minute sessions hosted by MUTU System CEO and Founder, Wendy Powell. Access juicy content, information and education all through your Facebook app.

Who Can Sign up?

Every mother. Mamas-to-be, brand new mommies, toddler moms, tween and teen moms, mamas of 20 and 30 somethings, grandmothers, great grandmothers.

8 weeks postpartum through to 40+ years postpartum. If you want to feel more in tune with your body after having kids, if you want to make positive changes to how you feel in your own skin, how your body functions and feels day to day, this series is for you.

What You’ll Get for FREE!

This free series is designed for moms, no matter how long ago you gave birth. We want to arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your recovery, to feel more confident in and about your body, to understand symptoms and how to get rid of them.

✔️What’s really happened to your body and why it doesn’t respond, look or feel the way you want it to!

✔️Education and actual techniques you can use to change it right away!

✔️Inspiration and empowerment around redefining how we feel about our bodies after having babies!

✔️ Progressing onto other exercise #SoYouCan!

✔️ What next? Knowing the steps you can take right now to make a real difference.

Day 1

Validation and Connection. Coaching through the disconnect – why does it happen and how do you make friends with your body again… How do you even find, let alone exercise, your core or pelvic floor, and why is it important?

There is a missing piece in women’s health education, unspoken by both medical and fitness experts. Without it, body shame, low self-esteem and even resignation to lack of basic function are all too common. The missing piece is a simple, teachable and accessible yet empowering, physical and emotional ‘reconnection’. Learn where to begin, then everything else will follow.

Day 2

Education. What’s gone on in there? What does ‘diastasis’, pelvic floor’ or ‘prolapse’ mean? Why do you pee a little when you sneeze? What’s normal, what’s ok and what not? How should it feel?

Day 3

Empowerment. Applying what you know now to everyday movement and exercise. From walking, lifting or wearing high heels to making exercise safe and super-effective. Why it matters and how to use MUTU… so you can… do whatever you damn well please.

All the Details

DATE: Tuesday 4th June through Thursday 6th June

TIME: Noon PDT / 3pm EDT / 8pm BST