Core Training Exercises | Get the Basics Right First

There are endless core training exercises you can attempt to sculpt your midsection, but it’s really important to get the basics right before you launch yourself into endless reps of complex manoeuvres. First and foremost, [...]

Core Training for Women

Core training isn’t just about sculpting 6-pack abs. Effective core training helps stabilise muscles, bones, joints and internal organs of your entire mid-section. It’s essential to keep your body in prime working order – strong, [...]

Barefoot Shoes for Kids Explained… With Video Demo!

I have been recently initiated into the world of barefoot walking and running under the tuition of, and thanks to some lovely shoes from, VIVObarefoot. So mum's a barefoot running its time to indoctrinate my children *evil cackle* [...]

Barefoot Running | My First Attempt!

The MUTU System Barefoot Running Journey started last week when I explained the concept of barefoot walking and running... click back to there first if you missed it! OK, so having received my [...]