My 8-yo son got extra house points in school this week for answering the question ‘How do you tell if a baby is a boy or a girl?’ Hand straight up: ‘The boy will have a penis, the girl will have a vagina”.

He told me later “Some of them laughed. Which is very silly because everyone’s got them. Can I go out on my bike now?”

My kids tell me, “But Mummy, your JOB is vaginas. So we know this stuff”. Awesome. #MyJobIsVaginas‬.

(Can we get that hashtag trending…?)

BTW if anyone is looking for help in introducing ‘body stuff’ to their little ones – I hugely recommend this book It’s Not The Stork (it’s the first in a series of 3 for as they get older). Me and my kids (now 8 and 9, they first started looking at it a couple years ago) snuggle up with this book, take just a couple pages at a time, giggle at the pictures, they ask questions… Every time we revisit, they pick up on something else, ask different questions. Don’t feel you have to *cover everything* in one sitting. We go at their pace.

My boy as he went to bed with the book the day of his vagina revelations to the class: “Well, this is all VERY interesting”. Bless him.

Tweet it. You know you want to.

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