You’ve had your babies and you’re working hard to strengthen your body… but when is all this postpartum recovery done? When do you get to get back to ‘real exercise’ and stop worrying about all the slow, breathing, core stuff?

I’ve worked with thousands of women across the globe and this question comes up all the time. “When can I ditch the core stuff?” and “I need time frames! 12 weeks and I’m done, right?”

The question really is, are we ever really done?

Like most other things, if you just stop doing something, like eating well, brushing your teeth, moving properly… Things tend to either deteriorate or go back to the way they were.

If we had the whitest, cleanest teeth and we suddenly stopped brushing them, flossing and maintaining basic dental hygiene, we’d end up with really bad teeth, decay, and horrendous breath. You see where I’m going with this?

It’s just the same. If you’re now at a point where you’re rocking a strong and fully functional core, you no longer pee yourself and your insides no longer feel like they are falling out, why would you then just stop everything you’ve been doing to get you there?

It’s now more about maintaining that and continuing to give yourself the time to look after your body, nurture it and retain the strength and functionality of your core.

Everything you’ve worked so hard on over the last few months or few years, however long it’s taken to get here (because every body is different), deserves the time and effort to maintain it.

Sure, your routine will change and evolve and you may be able to go back to high impact sports that you love, you may get back to long-distance running, but there must always be a place for core and alignment because that’s the stuff that helps you do the things you love.

Stop seeing it as a separate thing. Work it into your schedule because you want to be able to move right and continue to function properly.

By this point, you’ll know your core exercises like an old friend, so mix it up and handpick your favorites. Continue to walk every day, it’s good for you and it’s good for the kids to be outside with their awesome mom, who’s showing them daily how to live well, look after themselves and be happy and healthy.

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