We are big fans of the Army Wife 101 site, and we were very excited to be asked to write a guest blog for them.

In case you are new to Army Wife 101 – it is a lifestyle blog for military spouses and is well worth following. They share articles about military living, military discounts, travel, parenting and much more!

Military mamas, want to get your body back?

Taking care of ourselves as a military spouse tends to fall further and further down the priority list the crazier life gets. It can easily be attributed to work, kids, our spouse’s career, moving, and the never ending “hurry up and wait” games we often play.

I’ve lived through this perpetual state of change. As a military spouse of 15 years and a mama to three girls, I get it! It’s so easy to put our needs and our self-care last when really we need to start putting them first. My husband never understood how I could forget to eat until he was left alone with the three girls for a weekend. He quickly realized that this “mom gig” was not for rookies, and understands completely how one forgets to eat. As women, we naturally want to do everything for everyone, but we need to add ourselves to the list as well.

Can anyone relate? We have to stop doing this to ourselves! We should go on the very top of the priority list every single day. If we expect to do our jobs and do them well, then we have to do us first. This, of course, is a lot easier said than done, but it isn’t impossible, with the help of M.O.M.S, the Military Outreach MUTU System.

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