First I want to start by saying that there is no right or wrong way to do this mom-ing thing.

You do what works for you and your family with what you have to work with. As a mom who was a stay-at-home mom for her first 8 years as a mother that is where most of my experience comes from. I loved staying at home with the girls, and for my husband and I, this was the big plan before we even started having kids. There were definitely times throughout this journey that I wanted to try and work outside of the home. For various different reasons. One was for sanity and the others were mostly because I didn’t feel like I was contributing enough. My head was foggy… I blame that on sleep deprivation! As a stay at home mom that was doing it all, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough, LOL. There were other reasons too though. Like wanting to contribute financially so that we could be debt free, doing fun things with no guilt about spending money and taking family vacations. Don’t get me wrong we are and have always been very blessed. But money was tight and there were things we didn’t do simply because we didn’t have the cash to do it. You all know how much my husband makes being in the Army, google it. As our family grew things just kept getting tighter.

Before I go any further I want to give a shout out to all of the working mamas!

You are my hero!

I have mom friends who work full time and has all of their shit together… like all of the time and it just wows me. That’s what I love about my fellow military spouse moms out there – nothing phases them! NOTHING! They have a plan and they make it work. That seems really easy written down, but if you could see all of the strategic planning that goes into this your head would be spinning. One of the many reasons I never worked outside the home was because my husband’s job was always going to come first. There are no set hours or days off in the Army. And when you live 500 miles from home or have an ocean between you and your family, them helping is not an option. So this is why I look up to that brave military mama who works and makes it happen. Who lives as if she is a single mom but happily married. Because most days you are doing this thing solo as duty calls. Sometimes it’s just the daily chaos and your husband will be home, late, but he will be home. Then other times its doing this mom-ing thing completely solo for months and sometimes even a year. Sending a virtual hug to all of the mamas who are doing it alone at this very moment!

My journey

finish school. I became a fitness enthusiast in 2013 and I really enjoyed my journey to living a healthier lifestyle. I then, of course, would round up my military mom friends and would come up with theses

ridiculous exercise routines and they would join in with me and sweat. They even named one “The Gammon” but I won’t share that with you because this was all pre-MUTU and I would NEVER recommend some of the things I had us doing. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know, right! We would have so much fun! It was one day one of my girlfriends said to me “You know what? You should become a personal trainer.” Great minds think alike because I had actually been researching programs online. So this was something that I knew I could do with the crazy life we had. I could work when I wanted to and make my own schedule. Work as much or as little as I wanted. Finally, I had found something that not only I enjoyed, but worked really nice with our lifestyle.

Then I found MUTU System

I became a personal trainer and then, of course, found MUTU not only for myself but then went on to become certified as a MUTU Pro™. I will never forget that first commission check I received, from just simply sharing a link! It was so empowering! I was like oh yeah mama needs a new pair of shoes AND I’m taking the family to dinner. It started with small things like that! This is what I mean by a little goes a long way! It wasn’t like I could afford my mortgage in the beginning but I could do all of these extra things with zero guilt! Then I had my first workshop and my first client signed up for a six-week package and I was so proud of my accomplishments and was loving what I was doing! There is something very empowering about doing something that you love all while working. MUTU empowered me and all of the sudden I was able to share it with the women in my life and empower them as well, winning! I had this drive and I was on a mission to share my passion.