Is there an average time it takes to lose your baby weight? If your youngest is at school, can you really still blame the jelly belly on your babies?

How long does the ‘post natal’ (or postpartum if you’re reading this in the middle of my night) bit last?)

Well in my experience (and my clients’), a correctly prescribed postnatal exercise programme will put your body back to where you want to be well within a year of having your baby, including tackling the mummy tummy. If you commit to the exercise and lifestyle guidelines and eat for health and vitality (i.e. if you follow all the rules… ;)) you can certainly be back in your jeans or even a bikini 4-5 months after having your baby.

BUT… and its a big BUT… most women don’t actually have the guidance, the inclination or the energy to commit to a ‘correctly prescribed  post natal exercise programme’ in the first few months after childbirth. Actually, come to think of it, within the first year or 3 ;)

Can’t imagine why. Anyone would think those early months and years were hard work, or tiring, or utterly overwhelming or something…  Anyway, point is, most don’t. Which means, that unless you are blessed with REALLY lucky genes, then that mummy tummy is going to be obscuring the waistband of your jeans for some months or years to come.

But it’s never to late to start knocking those wobbly bits back into shape!

I can already hear your ‘I’m the exception to the rule!’ cries: ‘But my stomach muscles split! / ‘I’ve had 3 c-sections’ / ‘I’ve got big bones’ or ‘My mother never lost hers either’. But it can be done dear fellow knackered mum. Honest.

So, Question:  “What’s the average time it takes to lose baby weight?”

Answer: Until either your fairy Godmother waves the washboard abs wand, or you give it some help.

Can you relate to the school gate “Just can’t lose the baby weight”  chorus?  Or have you lost all yours? How long did it take you? Come on – tell us your tales of mummy tummy woe :)