Wanted to show you an example of the many little rays of sunshine that we receive in our inbox here at MUTU Towers. Go you Jayne!

PS see our live feedback comment thread here too for the most up to date reviews from our customers!

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart…..I have found my waistline for the first time in 10 years! I have been exercising religiously between my pregnancies and since my youngest was born and nothing would shift my mum tum. I was fed up exercising but getting no real benefits, except for the endorphines! I read your article in Red magazine [UK edition April 2012]+ was inspired, but it took a lot of time before I was ready to try another form of exercise having tried different ones in the past.

I now have a strong core, something I don’t think I have ever had!, walk tall, and feel healthier than I have done in many years. I love the exercises and being able to fit them into my busy day, I often prefer to get up early and do them in peace and quiet, before the day starts. Your information on food was incredibly helpful and it was this advice that has helped me lose the weight, I’ve been spreading the word……most of my family now cook with coconut oil and snack on nuts a+ seeds!

I’ve come so far and I want to keep the momentum going.Thank you for MUTU. It really works!”

Jayne Oliver”