Hello September!

Most of us have just soaked up that one last long holiday weekend. We all know that any holiday that lands on a Monday calls for a long weekend with our Soldier home! This particular long weekend also is a reminder that summer is coming to an end! Which also means back to reality for most of us with kiddos in school. Back to the chaotic early mornings of running out the door late (Every. Single. Day), packing lunches and all of the other “fun” things that come along with back to school!

Back to me

For me back to school also means BACK TO ME! I love my girls and I love our summers together, but I am always that Mom who is ready to send her kiddos back to school. It is good for them and me too! We are also fortunate to have an amazing school and my girls have actually been asking for a few weeks now “can we go back to school yet?”. It makes it an easy transition for us since they are excited to go back, it doesn’t make getting out of bed easy though! Every year I promise myself that we will stay on schedule, keep a bedtime routine and I won’t let the girl sleep in too late all summer. One week in and all of my rules I made for myself are out the window! Girls are up late and sleeping in! As a working mama, and one that does most of her work from home I need that extra time in the mornings to get my stuff done! So I set my alarm every morning, enjoy my hot coffee and get my work done before they even wake up! This is what I call mom life and doing what you have to do to make it work! Plus we made lots of fun memories staying up late, building bonfires and watching movies outside!

Now we have time

So now the kids are back in school and we have more time. More focused time with zero interruptions from the kids. Time to sit down to a task and finish it all in one sitting, it’s such an amazing feeling to me. In the summer I feel like the meme, “my mind is like my internet browser, at least 19 tabs open, 3 of them are frozen, and I have no clue where the music is coming from.” It’s so overwhelming! So now is the time to get back to you and focus on your needs!

I work with women all the time and besides teaching them all about MUTU I often find myself helping them find that work, home, mom, self-care balance too. Us moms often put ourselves on the very bottom of our to-do list, if we even make it on at all! We are always caring for others and making sure everyone else is being taken care of. I want you to start putting yourself on the very top of your list. Every single day! I promise you that when you are at your best everything else you do will be a little better and a little easier!

I have always looked at back to school as a time where I can focus on getting back to me. There are no excuses,  in my book, that I will allow myself to not put me and my self-care first. I find the time and I make it work. This often means the kitchen is left a mess, or the laundry that has been in the dryer for three days needs just one more “fluff” cycle. I make a commitment to myself when my kids go back to school that I will do my MUTU core every single day, I set a weekly goal for my intensives and really listen to my body and I walk every single day!

Do it for you

Don’t do it for me, but rather do it for you! Find the time, find the money to go to lunch or get your nails done or get creative and find things that you love to do that are free! Borrow a book from a friend, go for a walk at a park, invite a friend over for coffee. I hear so many “excuses” from the women I work with of why they can’t do things for themselves, yet we find a way to make sure everyone else in our life has the things they need. Think about that for a second, you always find a way to make sure all of your kids were prepared to start their first day of school, so now make yourself a priority too and find a way! You are so worth that mama!