I have been recently initiated into the world of barefoot walking and running under the tuition of, and thanks to some lovely shoes from, VIVObarefoot.

So mum’s a barefoot running convert…now its time to indoctrinate my children *evil cackle* and try out some barefoot shoes for kids.

What’s Wrong With Our Normal School Shoes?

I have 2 (kids), aged 4 and 6. My 4 year old son started school last September and so off I trotted off to Clark’s (I’m pretty sure if you’re in the US you go there too, the other ‘go-to’ kids shoes here are Jones and Start-Rite…) but wherever you shop, when you want school shoes for little boys, you get some pretty unyielding things resembling steel-capped boots for very small people.

Girls’ shoes aren’t so bad, my daughter’s school shoes are fairly flexible and comfortable anyway I think… so for me it was the boy’s shoes I was really curious about. You see my boy falls over. A lot. He trips over his own feet on a very regular basis, and when he was wearing his school shoes, it was like watching a very small drunken sailor. It really did appear like the shoes were inflexible and he was restricted by them. So I was game-on for some barefoot action if only to save the poor little chap’s grazed knees.

But childrens’ shoes need lots of support don’t they? Arch support and ankle support and protection and stabilising stuff that feet can’t do on their own?

Well actually it turns out that this is all nonsense and actually growing feet need a little protection from the elements and that’s about it.

Apparently arches ‘fall’ (causing ‘flat feet’) because they have no strength, because they’re ‘supported’ all the time. Feet are squished and held fast inside these solid little shoes, so they can’t feel the ground anymore, and our kids feet don’t develop properly because they can’t / don’t need to :(

Why Barefoot Shoes For Kids?

This video explains it much more succintly (and cutely) than I do…
Can’t see the video? Click here

Disclosure: VIVOBAREFOOT have given us these shoes to review and tell you about. What jolly nice people!

So you need to know they gave us the shoes, but you also need to know that our reviews are ENTIRELY impartial and based on our own experience. In case it weren’t immediately obvious, technical scientific review terms such as “colourfuller” and “grippier” were all our own work.