It’s that time of year again when images of tight, toned, bronzed, airbrushed bodies are everywhere, always accompanied by a healthy dose of low self-esteem…

“Are you holiday ready?”

“Here’s how you can achieve the best beach body!”

“Bikini body fix?”

“Get Summer abs!”

It’s the final blow after a year of self-confidence crushing messages that women receive on a daily basis. And instead of motivated…

  1. You might feel panicked into a weight-loss frenzy trying anything to shift those few pounds.
  2. You might avoid the beach at all costs, after all, if you ain’t got a beach body, you can’t go to the beach, right? Ugh!
  3. You might cover up every inch of you when you do go to the pool or the beach. Missing out on embracing summer fun with your children.

The ‘bikini body’ or ‘beach body’ phase just continues to seek to squeeze women into that ideal mold that society has been banging on about for years and quite frankly, I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted trying to keep up. In other words… I don’t give a crap!

Now onto what REALLY matters

Why are you out in the sun? Because you’re likely making memories with your kids. They don’t give a damn that Mom has a wobbly butt or a tummy covered in stretch marks. They are far too preoccupied with having fun with their mama and asking her to watch them build the most epic sandcastle of all time. That’s what the kids are thinking. Does anything else really matter? You’re wasting precious energy focusing on your so called inadequacies and missing out on beautiful moments with your family.

Some other important things

You have a body that works as it should, that’s healthy and strong. Your body is, quite frankly, freakin’ awesome! The things it’s done are incredible and you should be proud of it, make time to nurture it and help it heal. The most important kind of body you can have is one that functions properly, allows you to pick your kids up, play, run, swim and do all of this without horrid symptoms. Of course, you should also have a body that makes you feel awesome and sexy and proud but the definition of this is not a body that fits what society tells you it should be.

Be proud of your body, for every mark, dimple, scar and curve. And you know how the saying goes, you want a beach body? Put a bikini on… Voila!

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