June 2016 saw the very first MUTU Pros become certified to teach MUTU System. 33 health and wellness professionals, now armed with a whole load of information on postpartum health, along with some pretty awesome business and marketing advice, are now incorporating MUTU into their own business models.

When you embark on anything new, there are always questions, doubts or maybe even a lack of confidence. So if you’re thinking about becoming a MUTU Pro but don’t know if it’s the right path for you, or if you have enough relevant experience, or you’re wondering how it will work within your business, we asked a few of our Pros to discuss the worries they had before embarking on training and how they feel now they are qualified MUTU Pros.

If you’ve still got questions about our certification, you can email the team on [email protected] or sign up to be the first to know and tune into our webinar on the 9th August 2016 to find out all about our next MUTU Pro certification.

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