It’s finally here! The 2018 version of MUTU System has landed and is ready for your enrollment today!

Months in the making ‘MUTU Version Awesome’ is the perfect antidote to ‘falling off the wagon’ with your postpartum health and recovery goals this year.

Ready to make 2018 the year you finally get back on track and totally smash those goals once and for all?

Flatten your tummy, stop dignity-destroying leakage, lose the weight you really wanna shift, heal your diastasis recti, feel fitter, healthier and sexier.

We’ve taken all the best elements from the original program and magnified its awesomeness by a million, to produce the ultimate postpartum program for busy moms wanting to achieve all of the above but not knowing where to turn after months of searching for solutions.

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Check out the amount of cool stuff you get when you enroll in MUTU System!

A welcome from Wendy

A very personal video introduction from Wendy explaining exactly how to follow the program and get the most out of your MUTU journey, at the correct pace for your own body and needs.

12 Modules of a journey through the most beautiful, user-friendly and comprehensive membership site imaginable…

Seriously, when you log-in for the first time, you’re not going to believe the quality, the user experience and the sheer value on offer inside MUTU!

The 4 MUTU® Core Phases

4 beautiful quality, clearly instructed real-time workout videos of the medically endorsed, specialist core and pelvic floor rehabilitation MUTU exercises and techniques that will rebuild your core function and confidence.

Diastasis Recti and Core Strength Self-Test Video

Super clear, jargon-free demonstration video to understand what is going on in your postpartum body, and how you can look, feel and function better. Get empowered to heal as you learn how to gauge your own level of core strength and finally get answers on how to shift the ‘baby belly’.

The MUTU® Intensives

4 stunning real-time workout videos of low impact but high intensity, core-safe workouts specifically designed for a mother’s body to help lose weight, strengthen and tone.

Alignment Masterclass Video

Understand the importance of biomechanical alignment to your core function. Dive deeper into how alignment is affecting your body and watch the video demonstrating simple adjustments and strategies to help you move and exercise better.

Pregnancy Modifications and Safe Exercise

MUTU System is safe and beneficial for a healthy pregnancy. A personal video message from Wendy on how to eat and exercise for maximum benefit at all stages of your pregnancy AND…  full video demonstrations of all the modifications and variations for movement and exercise you need to keep you comfortable and strong throughout the trimesters.

Prolapse and Pelvic Symptoms Modifications

Dealing with pelvic symptoms or feelings you’re not sure about? Been diagnosed with hernia or pelvic organ prolapse? We’ve got you covered. Full explanations of pelvic issues, causes and factors affecting your ability to relieve symptoms, where to seek medical help and when to seek it AND… full video demonstrations of modifications to enable prolapse sufferers to adapt the program for comfort and maximum benefit. Plus additional resources, education and links to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to empower your recovery.

Motivational Pick-You-Up Video

Somewhere around the half-way mark, we know you may lose a little momentum or struggle with motivation. More than 38,000 customers later, we know exactly why this happens, what will help and how to get you back on the wagon if you fall. A personal video message from Wendy, gives you just what you need, just when you need it.

Guided Relaxation Audio

Learn the breathing techniques that will offer a few much-needed moments of deep relaxation to ground and settle you as you progress through your journey.

Personal Online Journal Tracker and Program Hub

Track your progress in real time with your personal interactive journal to keep you accountable and motivated. Updates in real-time in your personal program Hub AND remembers your progress at each visit!

Workout Cheat Sheets

Download the PDF cheat sheets for all your workouts so you can take them on the go.

Food Guide

The rules, inspiration and nutritional know-how you need to help you balance your hormones, prevent excess fat storage, get a flatter tummy, more energy, and a healthier lifestyle.


If you’re wondering, you can be sure someone else has wondered… and the answers are here! All your questions answered, categorised for ease of use and super clear for reassurance and full understanding. This is an online vault of expertise and awesome information.

24 Months Access

Instant online access to program content with 24 months access. Clear instruction and self-assessment guidance enable you to progress through your own individual healing journey. You access all your content via our exclusive bespoke membership site.

Community and Support

Ask questions and connect personally with thousands of other MUTU Mama’s as well as the MUTU Team in our exclusive, entirely private forum, for additional support and encouragement throughout your journey.


Additional links to the medical education, research and expert information or personal diagnosis you need, from sources and medical professionals Wendy personally knows and trusts.

Money-back Guarantee

We offer a 90 Day, 100% Money-back, satisfaction guarantee. If our Program does not deliver what you expected, please email us, tell us why you’re disappointed, and we’ll give you your money back. Simple as that.

So what are you waiting for? Want to do all of the above and make postpartum workouts a heck of a lot easier, streamlined and flexible to fit in around your day?

Ready to:

  • Flatten your mummy tummy
  • Heal your diastasis
  • Address that annoying leaky pelvic floor
  • Improve fitness and wellbeing
  • Feel more body confident that ever before

Want all of that and more? Go here to enroll in the MUTU System program. It’s medically recommended by health experts across the globe and trusted by over 50,000 moms.