Now I don’t think I was alone in feeling slightly inspired by Beyonce and her dancers’ incredible butt cracking, thigh snapping, booty jiggling moves at Glastonbury last night. Never mind the guys, my Twitter stream (overwhelmingly female and moms) couldn’t get enough of the woman. Fabulous singing, but OH my life, that BUTT!

So, feeling seriously inferior in the bootylicious department, I have put together a few moves for you. These are some of my favourites for really making your thighs (front back and inner ;))  not to mention your glutes, really work. The muscles of your butt get weak and out of condition during pregnancy due to postural changes, and they don’t improve after you have your babies unless you WORK them!!

Many moms complain of a ‘flat’ butt, and these lunges, squats and swings will lift it! (Sorry it’s a bit dark – v cloudy day and done on the spur of the moment! If you don’t see the captions on the video, click the red speech bubble at the bottom of the video screen).

Have fun!