How does MUTU System Work, Can It Fix a Diastasis and How Can It Change The Way You Think and Feel About Your Post-Baby Body.

50,000 strong, we are a community of women who’ve said “hell no” to a body that doesn’t work as it should and a body that doesn’t makes us feel awesome every darn day!

Not liking the look of your naked body, a bulging abdomen (mummy tummy)?

Getting undressed in the dark?

Rock bottom self-esteem?

Feeling frustrated by your pregnant looking belly?

Out of control and not feeling like you anymore?

These are all things we’ve felt or experienced as women within this MUTU family at one point or another and it’s why MUTU System exists.

As moms, we understand that having a body that works and feels good is important. You deserve to feel strong, fit and confident, all while having the space to be the mother, partner, professional or stay-at-home mom that you’re here to be.

Sometimes you don’t even have time to go to the bathroom alone! Right? So how long is this gonna take each day?!

We get that life’s hectic, you’re busy giving time and love to others but you forget to give that same love to yourself.

MUTU System is designed for you, the busy mom, it fits around your crazy schedule and workouts start from just 12 minutes a day. It’s manageable and has been specifically made for you to mold and shape around your day.

Wondering Where on Earth The Old You Went?

Within the MUTU System program, we’ll guide you, make sure you understand what’s going on ‘down there’, help you workout why you’ve got diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction or other niggling symptoms, and ensure that you never feel alone in this journey.

MUTU will help you to gain a better understanding of your body through simple, straightforward, jargon-free videos. When the motherhood fog descends, we can lose our identity and end up becoming completely disconnected from our bodies. You’ll feel more connected and you’ll be given the tools to help your body to restore, heal, strengthen and get to where you want to be, whether that’s to narrow an abdominal separation, stop leaking when you run or sneeze, or just feel more connected and more like you.

I’m Wayyyyyy Past the Baby Stage! I’m Too Late, Surely?

Our community is a strong sisterhood. In this amazing community of women we are moms of newborns, moms of babies, moms of toddlers, right through to moms of kids who’ve long flown the nest and now have kids of their own. MUTU System is for every woman who has ever had a baby, because we believe every woman deserves a body that works and makes her feel good.

Tell Me If It Works, Already!?

Doctors, Pelvic Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists, Midwives are among the Medical Professionals that recommend the MUTU System. They’ve seen the results and recommend MUTU to their patients. Read our medical reviews here.

Our brand new moms, not so new moms, moms of 1 baby and moms of 12 kids have all seen results.

Yes, we’ve helped flatten tens of thousands of tummies around the world, but ultimately these women first came to us because they felt an incredible sense of hopelessness, total loss of control and sometimes hatred towards their body. We’ve helped these moms, our sisterhood of mamas, feel good when they look in the mirror, to have the confidence to put on a swimsuit for the first time in years, to feel happier again and more content, to enjoy sex and to feel confident enough to turn the light on while getting undressed.

How Does The Program Work? Is it a Strict Plan?

You progress through the program at your own pace, no judgement, no strict regime, no shame, no diet plans. Just ongoing support from your very own girl gang and accountability in the form of an amazing community of moms, your personal online tracker and journal, so you know where you’re at and you are held accountable and picked back up if you fall.

Do we guarantee that any size gap will be ‘closed’?

No, no exercise regime can guarantee that, and a Diastasis Recti is not always going to come back together completely. The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t always need to. The muscle is naturally made up of 2 parts – they don’t ‘fuse’ back together, but the gap can absolutely be narrowed, core strength improved and body confidence rediscovered or found for the first time.

MUTU System has been developed to give you ALL the strategies you need to not only repair the muscles compromised by pregnancy and childbirth, but to repair them in the context of the rest of your body, plus to exercise very efficiently and effectively in a way which will ensure that you can actually SEE and FEEL the result you want.

To want to change things about how your body makes you feel and even how it looks is not selfish or vain, it’s vital to your personal happiness and to the health and wellbeing of your whole family.

Over 41,000 moms have enrolled in MUTU System and we have helped them on this journey to heal, restore and strengthen not just confidence but their core, pelvic floor, and whole body. Your body can do amazing things with the right guidance and reassurance, it can heal, restore and strengthen to where you want it to be after having kids.

You’re in the right place and everything is going to be okay.

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