What Most Moms Forget…

If anyone showed you a job advert before having kids, it would probably read a little like this… 150+ hour working week Compulsory night shifts Lunch breaks cannot be guaranteed Infrequent toilet breaks. Non-existent private toilet breaks. No sick leave… (Nope, not even if you are really really sick, get your butt to work) Where [...]

The MUTU Commandments

We all have days where we’re reaching for a glass of red or allowing self-doubt to creep in and convince us we’re never going to feel comfortable or sexy in a swimsuit again or that we just have to accept our body as it is and be done with it. It’s okay. We’re all human, [...]

Are We Measuring All The Wrong Things?

I've got this feeling that sometimes we use all the wrong criteria and metrics to determine our health, fitness or wellbeing. Sometimes we're just plain missing the point. "Barefoot shoes cause injuries. It must be true because a barefoot shoe company got sued." The shoes didn't cause the injury. That's like saying that your own feet [...]