Pink’s Workout Routine Includes MUTU System

🌟 P!nk’s workout routine features MUTU System! 🎤 How did P!nk incorporate MUTU into her postnatal workout routine? 🌟 Jeanette Jenkins a.k.a The Hollywood trainer name drops MUTU on P!nk’s Instagram live workout.  🎤 Jeanette reveals the MUTU exercises used in P!nk’s postnatal routine. 🌟 How you can work out just like P!nk. Not so long [...]

Supporting Frontline Heroes

Working tirelessly with dignity, professionalism and pride, risking everything to help others, is what First Responders do every day, but we have never been more grateful for the frontline workers supporting our communities and our families, as we are right now. You are truly Heroes, and we appreciate you so much. First responders, teachers, and [...]

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Vogue lists MUTU System in Best Christmas Gifts for Fitness Junkies 2019 list!

  No biggie… but Vogue listed MUTU System in the Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Gifts for Fitness Junkies 2019’ list! *eeeeeek* The MUTU System program features among other awesome fitness brands, such as Nike, Lululemon, and Gym Shark… Not to mention Paco Rabanne. To say we were excited would be an understatement! We [...]

Wendy Powell Discusses Non-Surgical Solutions to Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction at the Maternity and Midwifery Festival.

We believe in giving women the knowledge and tools that they need to recover in the best way they possibly can postpartum, with the dignity and support they deserve. Working closely with the medical professionals, who are the first point of contact for mothers, means that we can ensure the information that mums [...]

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MUTU Mama Results

As a MUTU mama, you may have seen or taken part in our survey at the end of last year. We value your opinion, in fact, the comments, feedback and results from members like you are the *only* opinions that really matter to us. It's your experience that tells us whether the program we made [...]