Just recently we heard how celebrity mums swore by a miracle cream to banish your mummy tummy. And this week one of my clients brought a newspaper article to my attention, with the question, “Is this kind of weight loss realistic? Or even possible?” (A 40 year-old female newsreader loses 2 stone of babyweight… fast). Despite feeling perfectly “intelligent and reasonably well informed about diet / exercise / health” my client had still felt an “immediate and emotional reaction to these pictures and stories even, though I know it’s not the real world”.

She said that the story “half annoyed me but half of me was thinking “Wow, maybe I could look like that” – it especially struck a nerve with me as she is my age, and I am sure I would look like her “before” photos if I was unfortunate enough to be photographed skipping half naked ;) “…

Do you feel the same?

I mean we all know really that these people live *extra*ordinary lives. That they have access to professional help out of reach for most of us, both in terms of fitness and nutrition help as well as childcare and day to day chores. We also know that their body image is (or they believe it to be) their livelihood; so should we criticize another woman for making a living? Do her actions influence our own behaviours or body image, or do we just ignore what we don’t relate to? Is it her fault, or is it the media (and the public) obsession that’s the problem?

In answer to the question ‘is it possible?’ then my response is that, well yes it’s possible… if you eat little enough, and exercise hard enough, then you WILL experience dramatic and speedy fat loss. Extreme and rapid weight loss is always *possible* but that doesn’t mean it’s sensible, healthy or sustainable. In fact it’s none of the above!

The lady in question in the article (a newsreader by profession incidentally, not a fitness professional) has a fitness and weight loss DVD out now. Just in time for Christmas ;)

Cynical? Would you buy it? Do you admire her dedication and hard work? Do you care about ‘celebrity mums’ and their bodies? Does it depress or anger you… or do you find the pictures aspirational and inspirational? So many questions, to which I don’t know the answers… I’d love to hear your thoughts.