THOUSANDS of women are experiencing lasting, effortless weight loss with a Slimpod. And thousands are discovering a strong core, a flatter tummy and all-over tone and fitness with MUTU System. When both are used together – Slimpod and MUTU – your Mummy Mojo is unstoppable!

MUTU System has joined up with Sandra Roycroft-Davis, Harley Street weight loss behavioural change specialist and founder of Thinking Slimmer, to offer you the chance to get what you really deserve: a body that looks and feels the way YOU want it to.

Fat loss without deprivation, diets or hang ups PLUS a fit, strong, sexy body that makes you feel truly confident inside and out.

For 10 lucky people, it gets even better than this! They will receive both a Slimpod AND a MUTU programme PLUS personal mentoring throughout the 12 week journey.

Some people find it easier to achieve things if they have a buddy who’s there to give them support and make them accountable for hitting their goals. That’s what the Thinking Slimmer Helping Hands mentoring programme is all about.

Participants submit a weekly online update of their progress and in return a personal mentor is available each week to give advice, support and encouragement.

So imagine what a difference this could make to your life:

A free Slimpod and a free MUTU programme and free Helping Hands mentoring

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Entries close at midnight on February 19, 2014.

Catherine-red-dress-cutoutCatherine’s Story

“Since I have been an adult I’ve had to watch my weight and believe me I have tried all the diets out there, including crash dieting. Doing Slimpod and MUTU has been the easiest way I have ever found to get fit and lose weight and it is done in your own time, at your own pace and in the healthiest way possible.

“MUTU’s fun video workouts help repair the damage that has been done by childbirth to your tummy muscles and pelvic floor. And if you want to lose weight by the easiest possible method ever invented by anyone, Thinking Slimmer is for you. It really does feel like magic – it sets off something in your subconscious that makes you eat less and more healthily. It really is as simple as that.

“I am overjoyed at the results. I was quite happy as a size 14 (US size 10) and after having my son would have been happy to return to that size. I can’t believe that MUTU and Slimpod have taken me back into a size 12 (US size 8)– a feat which I honestly thought would be impossible after giving birth. I thought carrying a child stretched your hips for good.

“When you are out of shape, any exercise can seem very daunting and as an expert in the bodies of mothers Wendy at MUTU System knows this, and the exercises start really easily and you can build up the intensity when you feel strong enough and are ready.

“After you have carried a child (or two, or three, or more) most people find they need to lose some weight. Thinking Slimmer will do that for you on its own but it doesn’t help repair the damage that has been done to your tummy muscles and pelvic floor.

MUTU can be done alone, but adding a Slimpod makes the food bit of losing weight effortless. Not only that but my size 12s (US size 8) are starting to get loose and I am now wondering if I can reach a size 10 (US size 6)! It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve been that size.

“I look in the mirror and I really like my silhouette now and my body feels strong. I can sneeze without having to worry about leakage and a pain that I’ve had in my knee since pregnancy has vanished. It’s amazing – I no longer have to hobble round after my son but I can run and jump and play with him without feeling like an old lady (hmm, now I just need to get more sleep!).

I have enjoyed myself with Slimpod and MUTU and I haven’t been the best student in the world – there have been weeks when I’ve hardly done anything what with exhaustion and illness and I’ve still lost weight. I could sing their praises all day long. Really, they are worth every last penny – for the weight loss and especially for putting my child-torn body back together again, in a better shape than it was when I began!”