If you’re on your own postpartum healing journey right now, you’ll know how isolating and lonely it can feel when you have diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues. So when another mama is brave enough to share her story, it can be just the boost you need to get back on track and restore faith that you can and will feel better again. This journey can be hard but it’s stories like Charlotte’s that leave us in awe and totally inspired to keep going.

Mama of 4, Charlotte shares her DR healing story with us.

Hello! I am Charlotte and I have 4 kids, now aged 9, 7 and 4 yr old twins. My shape returned to normal by itself after a year with my older two but no such luck after my twins. After they turned 3, I still looked pregnant and realized that I was going to have to do something. My pelvic floor was shot and I was getting regular lower back pain. My stomach would just get bigger and bigger as the day progressed despite me being reasonably slim elsewhere. I felt fed up with my body and wanted it back.

I found MUTU just by googling ‘DR separation physio’ and my lovely mum bought it me for my birthday in August.

“Really clear and short exercises to do each day that I could easily fit into my busy routine”.

My favorite bit was learning about the physiology and having really clear and short exercises to do each day that I could easily fit into my busy routine. I had to adapt a few as I have another back problem (which actually is much better too now).

My separation was so wide to start with that I could pop my whole open hand between them, a full 4 fingers. I was warned that after so many kids, twins and being 3yrs postpartum, I was unlikely to fully recover. After 12 weeks I had got down to 2 fingers! Looking better, I decided to just keep going in case more improvement was to come.

“One day I checked my gap to find it had gone!”

I felt proud of myself for putting the effort in and felt much more confident with my body already. So, I kept going after completing 12 weeks in November, I went right through to Christmas and into February. By this point, I had sort of forgotten I was doing the exercises every day, it was so part of my routine. Then one day I checked my gap to find it had gone!

I have been trampolining and dancing hard at parties without any leaking (only since February, a full 6 months after starting) and haven’t had back pain for months. My stomach is now flat at bedtime. I feel fit and healthy and with a few diet adaptations to cut sugar out, I have gone from 58.8kg to 51.8kg since October to March. This is the slimmest I have been since being a teenager. I have started going out partying again and last week even got asked for ID (I am almost 40) and people I meet can’t believe how old I am. This would never have happened six months ago and I feel totally fabulous. My husband cant believe it! 

If you’ve been inspired by Charlotte’s story and want to learn more about how the medically recommended MUTU System can help you to feel better after having babies (no matter how many years postpartum you are) go check out our program here.