We know how hard it is to stay on the wagon with nutrition at home and to consistently eat well. We also know just how much of an impact the foods we eat have on our overall health, wellbeing and state of mind. That’s why, where possible, we eat foods that help us feel more energetic, have a high nutritional value and are found from a natural source. But how do you do all of this, on vacation, whilst trying to relax and enjoy yourself? Our answer is stop worrying, choose clean, nutritious food where possible over fast, junk food. It’s that simple.

Our Mama in Chief, Wendy, likes to lead by example and gave us an insight into her daily food journal whilst on family vacation in Singapore. The Powells took a food tour around Katong District, sampling some of the local delicacies and visiting the incredibly vibrant markets. Be prepared for your stomachs to start rumbling at some of the snaps!


SignHere we go! We’ve arrived in Katong district for a day of delicious food and drink. We can’t wait to sample some of the local cuisine this amazing city has to offer. I’m hunting out a Laksa!


ChefFirst stop on the food tour of Katong, we watched Roti Prata being made by a local chef. It’s a fluffy and flaky Indian pancake served with a bowl of spicy curry gravy (not your average western breakfast), washed down a mug of coffee made with maize. This was a delicious way to start the day!


Wendy EatingBreakfast Katong style!

FoodSweet Malay treats… Definitely not my first choice back home, but being a true foodie, I am trying + enjoying all the local foods with no hang ups. We are on vacation after all!

SweetsOkay… and some more! This was a kind of glutinous coconut jelly dish. Super-sweet, but we tried a few small bits and it was delicious.

LaksaNext we visited the home of the original Katong Laksa. This guy has been making it for 50 years! No wonder he’s perfected the recipe, it was delicious.

WendyLaksaLaksa time – So fresh and wholesome. Made using fresh coconut milk, LOTS of chilli paste, seafood + noodles.

FruitTo finish off the day perfectly, we devoured some beautiful fresh dragon fruit from one of the local market stalls. Still managing to get the superfood goodness in whilst on holiday 😉

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