“Don’t believe everything you read in the papers”. That was the sage comment from my 9 year old nephew on reading an article in a national newspaper today about my apparent deluded vanity.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed about the effects of cutting down sugar, on my body and health.

The journalist was particularly interested in my skin and the way (or how young, or not) I look. I emphasized a number of times that my overall health and fitness had improved and that less sugar in my diet was one factor.

Since qualifying as a nutritional advisor and personal trainer all those years ago I eat clean unprocessed food as much as possible, I exercise regularly, practice yoga and live an all round pretty healthy lifestyle. One of the aspects of my lifestyle is that I eat very little refined sugar. All of these guidelines and principles are well documented and discussed on this blog.

Fastforward to the Daily Mail spin.

I ‘put it all down to cutting out sugar’

The changes happened ‘overnight’

‘The biggest compliment you can pay me is to call me a liar

[about my age] (Huh??)…

… + apparently I think I ‘look 20 years younger’.

That would mean… I think I look 20. 20!! Just out of teenage-hood. Oh PLEASE. Pre-2 decades of careers, children + well… life. Now that WOULD be deluded.

Had I ever said it. :(

No editorial mention of what my business is about, my area of expertise or in fact… any context at all.

Comments below the online article discuss my (and the other poor woman in the article’s) ‘delusion’ and ‘vanity’ + tell me I look my age. Thanks guys. I, um…I know.

Then they say that us ‘bragging women’ ‘put ourselves and our looks out there for criticism’. Um actually, no, I really didn’t.

This is my short and sweet ‘put the record straight’!

A journalist called and told me she was writing about sugar in the diet and its affects on health, skin and welbeing. She  asked me questions about MUTU System and nutrition and my own eating habits. As well as discussing the nutritional science of sugar in the diet,  and my program, it was clear that eating less sugar is one factor of my diet + lifestyle choices. I know that eating less sugar gives me many health benefits, and not looking too old before my time may be one of them.

I turned 40 last year,  I’ve been married 12 years, got 2 kids at school and run a business that I am passionate about helping real women look and feel better about themselves and their bodies.

I write regularly about body image and body confidence, hence my discomfort with the article’s focus on looks alone :(

I look 40.

I looked 20 in 1991.

So I’m going to slink off and hope you don’t read that article (and no I’m not giving you link ;)) And thanks to my lovely nephew for his words of wisdom. When I’m stupendously rich and famous I’m hiring him as my Press Secretary.