Changing your diet can be overwhelming at the best of times. Throw sleep deprived, post-baby, busy mom into the mix and it’s one heck of a mountain to climb! It is hard to make changes to the way we eat, but not impossible and once you’ve made those changes it just becomes part of your normal routine. Here’s our best tips for helping you transition into a cleaner healthy lifestyle…


First of all, make sure the family is on board. And by that I mean everyone. No cooking two different meals at dinner time. This is supposed to be making your life easier not harder. Remember?

Learn to love fat (the good guys)

For years we’ve been warned off fat. Low fat this, zero fat that. The good news is, we know better now, and fat’s back on the menu (the good stuff anyway). Fat is vital for recovery and wellbeing, so stock up on nuts, seeds, oily fish and avocados (see MUTU Food for more). Fat is great for curbing hunger.

Set yourself up for success

We’re easing in here darlings. Not going cold turkey. Not becoming so miserable that we reach for the nearest muffin just for comfort. Start swapping your favourite guilty pleasures for healthy alternatives gradually. Instead of snacking on a sugary snack bar, grab a handful of nuts and chopped up apple. There are hundreds of healthy snack ideas right over here on our Pinterest board.

Prep prep prep!

Meal planning is king (or queen) here! Not only does it help you stay on track with healthy choices, it also makes every mom’s life a heck of alot easier in the long run. Once you’ve meal planned once, you won’t go back and you’ll be churning out healthy menus like a boss in no time.

Be ready for the dreaded cravings

Be armed with a cupboard full of go to healthy snacks when you’re craving a bar of something chocolatey or your favourite bag of chips.  These are the times when you’ll be tempted the most to eat something that’s going to give you a short term boost.

No one is perfect

If you have a ‘bad day’. Don’t write the whole experience off completely. Ate a bar of chocolate and you now feel bad? Don’t feel bad. Move on… in fact move more! Instead make sure more of your choices nourish your body and are healthful ones.

Need some MUTU Food inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest board now to start meal planning.