To lose baby weight, I know you KNOW what you’re supposed to eat and not supposed to eat. “Apples not cakes. Greens not pastry. Yada Yada. I KNOW!” “Eat less crap. Exercise more’. I KNOW!”

So if we all know how to eat to lose our baby weight and it’s so easy, why don’t we all do it? Why aren’t all mums walking around smugly with a lean, sexy body, rather than a wobbly mummy tummy?

Well because greens and apples don’t tempt us at every turn. But junk does.

Really tasty junk.

Everywhere we look there’s fast food, calorie laden coffees and treats, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, that large glass of wine and packet of crisps after a tough day…

And I know it tastes good. Heaven help anyone who tries to wrench a nice bottle of red or some dark chocolate away from me when the mood takes me ;)

Unfortunately when we get stressed or anxious or depressed, our body craves it even more. And so the mummy tummy keeps on growing (even though the babies may have grown up a little while ago).

So if you want to lose your baby weight, you have to have a plan. You have to know what you’re going to do to avoid those temptations, and plan your meals in advance. You really don’t have to go on a diet.

Again, if this were easy everyone would be lean and in great shape.

The first thing to do is, as I have been known to say before, GET OVER IT and accept reality. Accept the fact that getting the body of your dreams (or even just a slightly less offensive version of the one you’ve got now) is going to take effort.

The second thing is just try to accept that it’s not going to be miserable. You might even enjoy it!

I defy you to deny that when you DO exercise you feel great. All sort of exhilarated and virtuous. The baby weight comes off (it’s not rocket science… exercise right and it WILL come off).

But you also feel stronger, more energetic and more able to cope with your kids, your work…your life.

That’s not so miserable!

And when you start eating healthier the same thing happens. It really, really is true: you are what you eat. What you put in your mouth is what your body is using to regenerate itself with all the time.

So if you eat crap food…


What are YOUR tips for avoiding temptation?