‘Describe your body in one word…’

I recently took my 11 year old daughter to see this amazing movie called Embrace, directed by the awesome Taryn Brumfitt, Founder of the Body Image Movement.

Taryn asks this question to women of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes and walks of life. The totally shocking thing is that pretty much everyone answers with words like…






Women are actually describing their own bodies as disgusting. Would you tell your friend that her body was ‘disgusting’? How have we got to this place where we’re using a word like this to describe our bodies?

One of the main themes running through the film is the focus and obsession with the way our bodies look rather than appreciating what our body actually does for us.

Our bodies are pretty amazing. The allow us to move and feel, they heal in the most incredible ways, sometimes all by themselves. They create and grow human beings and then they allow us to teach, show, pick up, dance and play with our children.

The things we should surely be aiming for aren’t to be ‘tiny, ‘perfect’ or ‘hot’ by some external standard, we want to be happy, we want to be functional, we want to be confident. Whatever we’re doing in our lives, we are doing so many things that are far more important than being ‘thin’ and ‘pretty’.


Taryn Brumfitt’s Before and After photo went viral!

We seem to be obsessed by the way we look, what others think of the way we look, how we can improve the way we look and FINALLY there’s this film that stands up and says, ‘Hold on, stop. What if the most important thing is that I’m happy with my body as it is and it’s healthy and it is functional and it’s done some awesome things for me?’

The film highlights a whole host of truths that are heartbreaking, sad, pretty horrible and the reality of the way that women are portrayed by our media and by each other. Even if we’d like to think we aren’t affected by this, we cannot ignore the reality of this state of our media and the expectation for girls and women for how they should look.

I won’t spoil the movie for those who’ve not seen it but you REALLY need to see it and you need to encourage those around you to go too.

My favorite line of the movie that must get a mention is from a guy in Sydney who organises a naked swim in the harbour… “Get fit or don’t get fit. Nobody cares.”

I couldn’t agree more. As long as you have a body that works, is healthy and functional and you feel happy, then the rest is just whatever the heck you feel like doing. Whatever makes YOU feel good.

If you’ve seen Embrace, I’d love to hear your thoughts, just comment below to join the conversation. If you haven’t, check out the trailer and book your tickets to your nearest screening!