There’s this word I really need you to stop saying. Because it’s stopping you from being a stronger, healthier and kick-assier you.

You may mutter it under your breath as you look in the mirror, or scream it when you try on your favourite pre-baby pants again. But this word is toxic and it isn’t contributing to your health and wellbeing.


“I hate the way my tummy looks”

“I hate my butt in those pants”

“I hate those weird lines I get when I laugh”

The H-word makes us feel even crappier when we look in the mirror.

The H-word deprives us of ever feeling great about ourselves when we go out for a date night.

The H-word is dangerously contagious. How can we teach self esteem to our kids if we’re so downbeat about our own bodies?

I bet you don’t even realise you’re doing, but now (hopefully) you’ll be super aware of this toxic message of self-hatred. When we give in to self loathing we send our children, especially our daughters, a very powerful message. You might not even be saying it out loud, but she sees. She sees you refusing to be in photos, she sees you avoiding a swimsuit on the beach and she may even see you looking disheartened by your reflection in the mirror.

Break the cycle of self criticism. Replace the H-word with love, like, and adore. Notice things you really do love about yourself instead of picking apart the things you don’t.

We’re fighting a battle against a society that makes it hard for us to feel great in our own skin, so if we can’t do this for ourselves, what hope do our daughters have in years to come.

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