Exercises to reduce diastasis recti are those which actively restore, repair and strengthen the deep muscles of your core and pelvic floor.  If you have a diastasis recti gap of more than 2 finger-widths, 6 weeks or more after your baby has been born,  your core remains unstable and you’ll struggle to get a stomach that lies flat :( until you correct it. (But don’t worry even if it’s a LOT longer than 6 weeks after your baby was born, you can always improve it!)

Meet Stefanie who has recently completed the MUTU System 12 week program, which includes exercises to reduce diastasis recti after her second baby. She started the program at 9 weeks postpartum.

diastasis recti exercises post pregnancy | 40 weeks pregnant with number 2

40 weeks with number 2


diastasis recti exercises post pregnancy | 18 weeks postpartum

18 weeks postpartum


diastasis recti exercises | 21 weeks postpartum

21 weeks postpartum

Here’s what she emailed with her photos…

“I’m in the last week of the MUTU System now so I thought you might appreciate some before and after pics of what I have managed to achieve with your help! I’m not sure how much I have lost in inches etc as I never measured myself, but I lost 8lbs and am now back in my pre-pregnancy clothes which is the main thing :-) The tummy’s not quite there yet but it’s a hell of a lot better and I no longer hate it. I will definitely keep at it!”

Clearly Stefanie didn’t have a great deal of weight to lose, and so her stomach shows very clearly the effects of diastasis recti and how committing to the MUTU System exercises have corrected it over 12 weeks. Doesn’t she look fantastic??