June 2016 we had 33 health and wellness professionals gathered in Orlando for the first ever MUTU Pro training and certification. I think we can safely say it was the Beginning of something.

The personal trainers, Yoga and Pilates instructors, Physical Therapists and Doulas who had been fast enough to jump on the MUTU Pro certification when it launched came to learn + discover, to practice, ask questions, share their experience, their expertise and their brilliance. Here’s a taster of what they had to say…


For years I have been asked to provide this certification, and the time was right – the global MUTU Mama community is tens of thousands of women-strong, and MUTU needs more ambassadors and teachers to spread the word and provide personal guidance and support!

A well as Yours Truly, the Pros also got to learn from the fabulous Tracy Sher – ‘Pelvic Guru’ + respected Pelvic Physical Therapy clinician, and appointed Medical Advisory to MUTU Pro. Tracy’s clinical expertise adds huge value to our certification, offering expert insight into pelvic conditions, symptoms and assessments our Pros are likely to encounter. What should they be aware of, what signs would they look for your questions should they ask, and when and how can they ensure clients receive the very best guidance, referral or care?

Tracy’s involvement is also testament to one of the cornerstones of MUTU’s philosophy of collaboration and referral amongst health professionals serving women.

On 30th June we launched the MUTU Pro Directory on this website, enabling women to search for a MUTU Pro near you to work with alongside your online program. I am so often asked for ‘MUTU Friendly’ yoga or pilates recommendation, for a Physical Therapist who’s ‘on the same page’ or for a fitness instructor who ‘gets it’. Now you’ll be able to find one!

Here are more memories, moments and love from #MUTUProOrlando June 2016…!