It took two births, an emergency helicopter ride (I know! The drama!) a number of years in the fitness industry and a realisation that my own postpartum recovery process wasn’t as straightforward as I first thought, for me to REALLY *get it*!

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade and a half and very early on in my career I discovered my niche, the underserved market that not many were getting right, and still aren’t to this day.


A.K.A – any woman of any age who’s ever had a baby. Be that 6 weeks ago or 20+ years ago. Those muscles are still the same whether they grew a human recently or decades ago. All mothers need specialist guidance and support when it comes to fitness and too many just aren’t getting it.

You see, health and fitness professionals may think they have it figured out when it comes to helping their clients ‘get their body back’ after having kids. The reality is MOST really don’t.

Fitness Industry Home Truths:

  • There is at least one women in your class who doesn’t feel she can or should talk to you about issues such as pelvic organ prolapse and abdominal separation (a.k.a Diastasis Recti, DR, Diastasis). It’s likely her doctor has given her little or no guidance on this.
  • There are women in your class who go home with wet underwear because their body isn’t functional or strong enough to cope with the exercises asked of it.
  • There are women in your class longing to be able to skip, run and even just sneeze without peeing themselves.
  • There’s at least one woman in your class desperate to shift the mummy tummy, or tummy pooch. She gets mistaken for being pregnant sometimes and no matter how hard she works on her abs, it won’t go away.
  • There are women in your class who are longing for someone to just *get it* and understand what they’re  going through and to offer guidance and support that really works.
  • There are women in your class who think they need high impact exercise, planks, crunches and sit up to help strengthen their very weak core, when in fact this is entirely the opposite of what they need right now. They need educating and guiding through this postpartum recovery process properly so they see real results and begin to feel great again.
  • There are women in your class who are at their wits end. They feel helpless, lonely, unattractive and they have completely lost all connection with their body. They may even feel disgusted by it.

How to Tap Into and Totally ROCK This Underserved Market.

  • Know your subject. When a woman tells you she has abdominal separation or she’s leaking every time she runs, know exactly which exercises you should be prescribing to her and those she must avoid.
  • Know how to have the conversation. MUTU Pros learn not only the facts, symptoms and techniques, but also the communication skills to provide safe space and invite the right information in the first place.
  • Help women to recover properly the first time round. Get educated and build knowledge in the correct restorative exercises women can do to build strength and functionality in their core and pelvic floor after having children. Help them get it right first time round and save them years of low self esteem and putting up with a body that doesn’t work right.
  • Align yourself with industry experts and brands. Buddy up with MUTU System by certifying as a MUTU Pro. True credibility with integrity is key in this sector and we only represent the best. Get your business listed in our directory of health and fitness professionals that know their s**t!
  • Nail your marketing. Get your offering right and then make sure the right people know about it. As a MUTU Pro you’ll receive intensive business training, we’ll promote you on our website AND social media channels and you’ll receive ongoing support, tips and advice.  

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