Diastasis Recti contributes to a postpartum or post natal ‘mummy tummy’. But it’s not the whole story.

Another mum contacted me today who has been told, by her doctor, that she has to accept a 7 month’s postnatal tummy, that looks like you’re 5 month’s pregnant, as ‘just what happens after you have children’.

A Mummy Tummy that protrudes, domes, causes backache, and inspires ‘Oooh, when’s the next one due?’ comments, is NOT any fun at all, and more importantly NOT something you have to just put up with. Whatever your doctor says.

Do YOU feel like you’re the only one who feels like their innards are falling out the front of their tummy?  Like you’re the only one who wets herself *just a little* (or maybe quite a bit) every time they sneeze, cough or try to run for the bus.

I promise you you’re not. Each of us may or may not want to invest the time and effort to attaining a six pack (ahem… I don’t), but you can achieve a lot firmer, flatter and less pregnant-looking version of what you’ve got.

This particular lady had bought a quite-well-known mummy tummy book  which she had found slightly confusing, quite hard to follow and well… her mummy tummy was still there.

Diastasis Recti (the sole focus of the book and the Technique she had tried) is indeed a key factor in determining the shape of many women’s mummy tummy.

But Diastasis Recti is ONLY ONE FACTOR. There are 4 more, (get them all with MUTU System!). Knowing ALL the factors that cause a mummy tummy is the first stage. Learning how to engage, use and strengthen all the right muscles, how to exercise very effectively in a short space of time, how to eat, how to actually make it all happen… that’s the next very important stage!

Have you been asked the dreaded ‘Having another one?’ question on the school run? Or been told by a doctor or ‘expert’ there’s nothing you can do? Please share your stories!