***Press Release 12 October 2011***

Flattening Your Mummy Tummy Just Got Even Easier!

We all know there is no magic pill or celebrity diet that actually works for real mums, but there IS however a unique, holistic and achievable way to tackling that mummy tummy head-on and giving you back control of your waistline (not to mention your Mojo!).

Originally launched in 2010, MUTU System 12-week online coaching combines pilates, intensive interval training, correct nutrition, yoga and postural correction into a complete system that really works. As one mum said, “Why didn’t anyone tell me about all this stuff?  You should be available on the NHS for all mums!” … and Ladies, it’s just got even better!

Following an overwhelming international response to the original MUTU System, we have been delighted to collate a wealth of inspirational and constructive feedback, and together with some rather clever innovation on our part, are now proud to announce the safe delivery of MUTU System version2 on 20 October 2011.

MUTU System v2 weaves together a series of workouts, yoga techniques, motivational strategies and food guidelines (including food intolerances, snack ideas and shopping lists) that are specifically designed to fit in with a busy mum’s lifestyle.  Packed with more easy-to-follow, short exercise routines, MUTU System v2 motivates and guides, picks you up and dusts you down and gives you a friendly but firm talking-to along your journey to a flatter post-baby stomach.

Internationally recognised postnatal exercise specialist and mother of two Wendy Powell delivers this new and improved programme in her inimitable honest and fun way, described by one customer as ‘like having your best friend there in the room to encourage and motivate you’.

 What’s New in MUTU System v2?

  • Crystal clear step by step, week by week exercise guide clarifies and summarises each week’s workouts and objectives alongside your weekly videos
  • ‘How To’ reference guide gives you the ‘Need to Know’ as well as the ‘Like to Know’ to suit every personality. Dip in and take what you need, when you need it
  • Clear instructions on how to diagnose and progress core and pelvic floor strength and stability, with clear phases of exercises to move through
  • 3 brand new targeted interval training workouts to be done at home, with minimal or no equipment, and in less than 20 minutes
  • Personal progress log plots your weight, measurements and other criteria, whilst keeping your goals front of mind
  • Specifically designed journal to monitor your exercise and nutritional progress and achievements

The complete MUTU System v2 12 week programme is available to download at mutusystem.com from 20th October 2011.