Flashyourfeet_01bOur feet are perhaps the most neglected part of our bodies and have been through the mill a bit since we started adopting a less human way to walk and protect our feet.  April is Foot Health Awareness month and an excuse to show our feet some much needed love and TLC.

It’s probably not gone unnoticed that here at MUTU System we’re huge advocates of walking properly and doing so as close to barefoot as possible. Your daily walk is an integral part of the MUTU System program, so we do like to look after our feet and keep them sweet.

In honour of our fabulous, marvellous, fantastic feet, we’ve put together five things that they’ll certainly thank you for this month…

Ditch the heels

As sexy as the stiletto might be, ya know what’s even sexier? A fully functioning core and a body that’s properly aligned ;) If you do one thing this month in honour of your feet, get out of the heels and strut your stuff in a more foot/body friendly sole! The more you walk in minimal shoes, the more you’re allowing your feet to use the right muscles and to move and function properly, the way mother nature intended.

Treat your feet to some barefoot shoes

If you’ve not already jumped aboard the barefoot band-wagon, give barefoot shoes a try, and your feet (and the rest of your body) will thank you for it. Going barefoot will improve the overall mobility and flexibility of your feet as well as putting your body in the right place, which in turn will help to fix your core. Win-win, right?

Walk, walk + walk some more

Walk properly and you’ll have happy feet and a stronger core! As you’re going about your daily walk, think about pointing your feet forward (not out to the sides) and spread your toes. Wendy has some more tips on how to walk properly here.

Spread em’ wide

Cramming your toes into shoes with a narrow toe-box can restrict the muscles in your feet that allow your toes to widen and function properly. This motion is vital in healthy foot movement and balance when we walk, run, climb, stand and go about our day lifting toddlers, babies and generally doing mom stuff. Toes should act like our fingers so full movability is best when it comes to choosing shoes. Allow your toes some wriggle room when next purchasing a new addition to your shoe closet.

Avoid Flip Flops

Summer is just around the corner and the time when our feet like to get a little fresh air and Vitamin D after months of being wrapped up in thick socks and boots (barefoot of course). If your feet are your friends, don’t slip into flip-flops at the first hint of sunshine. Believe it or not, wearing flip-flops can be just as damaging for your feet and body as tottering around in heels. Wear a shoe that doesn’t require constant effort from the muscles in your feet and toes to keep them from slipping off! Check out our Pinterest Shoe Board for some shoe inspiration.

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