Here’s some stuff that all Moms at some point either feel bad about, or think they’re doing wrong:

  1. How you give birth
  2. The source of the milk you feed your baby
  3. Where your baby sleeps
  4. When your baby sleeps
  5. The fact that you care that your stomach isn’t flat
  6. The fact that you don’t care that your stomach isn’t flat.

Not to mention screen time, whether you spend time doing crafty things with your kids and how often you’re having sex.

Having believed that I am doing all of these things wrong at some point so far (and being particularly rubbish at crafty things) I’d like to offer a couple of ‘for what its worth’ nuggets of wisdom.

None of the above actually matters. It really, really, doesn’t matter. And whatever thing you’re feeling bad about doing wrong right now… will be completely irrelevant and forgotten in just a few short months.

It’s not vain or self indulgent to want your body to look or feel better, but its also completely fine not to give a s**t right now.

These 2 things do matter though:

1. Take a walk outside every day
2. Do your pelvic floor exercises.

They matter a LOT. Here’s why and how.

Thats it: Walk. And find your Undercarriage. These 2 things will serve you well until you can muster the inclination or the energy to do anything else. Or not. Which is fine too.