For years we’ve known that water is best. We’ve been bombarded with the ‘8 glasses a day rule’, and life-changing reasons why we should only drink the clear stuff and it gets confusing! Let’s face it, although incredibly vital, water can be a little dull especially when hydrating your little ones. Rather than reach for a sugar filled soda or cordial, we’ve found some delicious ways to make water a little more inviting for you and your kids!

Five ways to get more water on board during your day.

  1. Infuse darling! Gulping back several glasses of tasteless water can be a challenge at the best of times. Try adding some beautiful fruits and herbs to add flavour and sweetness. See our favourites below.
  2. Eat water-rich foods. As well as sipping the cool stuff, get even more hydrated by adding water rich foods to your daily menu. Watermelon is a massive 92% water, tastes delicious + is a big hit with the kids on warm summer days.
  3. Keep a water bottle with you always. This is a great way to make sure you can drink on the go whilst keeping track of how much you’ve consumed in a day.
  4. Set a reminder on your phone at intervals throughout the day to drink a small glass of water. It’s much more manageable if you space out drinking little and often.
  5. Work it into daily routines you already have… Drink a big glass of cold water right before dinner or as soon as you wake up, both are great times to drink!

Five of our Favourite Fruit-Infused Waters.

Strawberry, Lemon and Basil

Strawberry, Lemon + Basil

Perhaps the prettiest drink you’ll ever see! But don’t just be taken in by the beautiful colours. The strawberries add a lovely natural sweetness to the water if you like your tipple sweet.

Orange Infused Water

Orange + Blueberry

Our favourite antioxidant infusion and a great way to use up leftover blueberries. We don’t need to tell you just how good these little super berries are! Brainfood + all round delicious.

Citrus Infused Water

Citrus + Cucumber

This combination has some serious detoxing abilities. The wonderful Vitamin C in citrus fruits helps to clear the digestive tract and cleanse the liver. Cucumber is great for re-hydration and has anti-inflammatory properties too. Win win!

Ginger Infused Water

Lemon + Ginger

We love the healing power of Ginger here at MUTU Towers. This super root not only spices things up, but is also great for reducing inflammation, digestive issues and nausea (this one goes out to the mamas with morning sickness).

Kiwi Infused Water

Kiwi + Cucumber

Not only does this infusion make your water turn an utterly awesome green but it packs a punch in the detoxing department. Kiwi is a superfood and contains bags of Vitamin A and E, whilst cucumber adds that refreshing light flavour for those who don’t like their water too fruity.

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