MUTU System Affiliate badge UK1

Choose from badges like this for your blog!

The great thing about Mums is they talk to each other.

They tell each other what they love, what they hate and what they couldn’t do without… from parenting books to buggies, blackout blinds, blogs or workouts, us Mums constitute  an awesome network of truthful, real life recommendations and ‘Don’t Touch It With a Bargepole’ s.

So many fabulous Bloggers and Twitter-ers and are finding their waistlines and flatter tummies with MUTU System, and many have asked me for some sort of referral programme – so here it is… you and your website or blog can now become a MUTU System Affiliate!

All the details of the MUTU System Affiliate Programme are here. There are pretty badges and banners for your site to choose from (tailored for both UK and the US English speaking Mums and Moms!), and the process is very simple. You place a badge on your blog or site, and if someone clicks on it, and goes on to buy the MUTU System online training program… you get 20% of the price paid in commission! They don’t even have to buy that time – the programme remembers that you recommended them so if they come back later to buy – you still get your cut.

Click the link to get all the T-s and C’s, and email us if you have any questions  or need help setting up. You need to play with some very basic HTML which we’re happy to help you out with if you need it!

I mean if you’re going to recommend us, you might as well get paid for it! :)