Home Exercise Equipment Guide: The Intervals Timer

This little device transformed my personal workouts because it means you don’t have to watch the  clock while fitting in a really effective High Intensity Interval training or Metabolic Resistance Training workout. Don’t worry about the buzz words – I’ve got that bit covered for you – it means exercising to lose fat whilst building lean muscle – ie SHAPE – in the shortest possible time!

The Gymboss® interval timer doesn’t need a great deal of explanation: it’s a small, easy to use repeating intervals timer. The  timer makes it easy to plan and time your workouts. For example, you set your timer for 12 sets of 45 and 15 second intervals, or 50 and 10 seconds. The longer period is the exercise, and the short period is the rest. The timer bleeps to let you know when each segment is done, leaving you to concentrate on technique and working out!

It’s small, it’s pink and it has a robust clip on the back to attach it easily to your workout clothes. You set it, clip it on, press start and go!

Here’s an example of a great total body workout using your timer:

Set the timer for 45 second and 15 second intervals, x 15. So it’s a 15 minute workout (believe me… it’s enough!). You’re going to do 5 exercises, 3 times as a circuit. Don’t forget to warm up first and stretch afterwards!

The exercises are:

Mountain Climbers


Half press-up (do them from your toes if you think you’re hard enough ;))

Sumo Squat with Knee Lift

Gecko (prone arm row)

This high intensity workout is similar to those included in the MUTU® System 12 week coaching programme, but there you’ll also find much, much more, including full instructions on how to perform, vary and progress your workouts, and most importantly, the secrets of how to make EVERY exercise in EVERY workout… a Flatten-Your-Mummy-Tummy-Exercise!