Pay in 2 easy to manage instalments with ZERO INTEREST when you sign up to my MUTU Pro Certification UK before 30th June 2017. Spaces are limited, once we’re full we’re full. This is the only MUTU Pro Certification event running this year, so now’s your chance to up your fitness business game and become to go-to expert in your area. 



If you put 100% effort into your own business, you want to be able to reap the rewards, right? If you feel like you’re constantly putting the hours into your business and not getting anything back, something needs to change.

Here’s where I can help you.

By offering you the tools and expertise to support you with the practical fitness side of your business PLUS the marketing and business tools that work hand in hand with this, and really make it work for you. You would be plugging into an already successful, profitable and globally renowned business and would be given the toolkit you need to make your own business thrive, without the hassle of a monthly subscription or extensive networking, training and long tiring days.

After everything we spoke about last week, I wanted to go over in more detail about this plug and play opportunity. You’ll not only get access to the health and fitness knowledge you need to serve this growing market, but you’ll also be armed with the business knowledge to make it scalable and sustainable – no more burn out!

Here’s what you’ll learn to help your clients

  • How to initiate and ace the right conversations with your clients with confidence, empathy and real expertise so that you can truly assess and adapt for them! You’ll be armed with the right knowledge and expertise to really make a difference to your postnatal clients in a safe and effective way.
  • Your technical knowledge is the vital foundation, but then you need to really understand how to ‘cue’, guide and and teach. Lots of trainers work with mums’ bodies… many don’t really know how to.
  • How to test, explain, adapt and cue when Diastasis Recti is present.
  • Prolapse, hernia, diastasis, pelvic floor dysfunction, optimal breathing, alignment, core muscle recruitment, mindful movement…  Know what to ask, how it should feel, what to watch for and how to modify accordingly.

Here’s what you’ll learn to help your business

  • The right way to collaborate with other professionals, and how to work with complementary and competitive practitioners.
  • How to earn extra income with the right affiliations and partnerships.
  • How to charge, ask for and get paid, the rates you deserve.
  • Online marketing and social media can be overwhelming for the self employed – which tools and strategies to use and how to use them in the smartest and most effective ways.
  • How to define and reach your ideal clients – the ones who pay well, stay long term and refer their friends!

Hear It from The MUTU Pros – What Did They Think of the Certification Training?