MUTU Mama Jessica’s story: Back Pain After Birth

Back Pain After Birth

Our thriving MUTU Mama community is full of the most incredible women. Mothers from different corners of the world, in different seasons of life, with different reasons that brought them to MUTU in the first place. 

Despite all the differences, our community comes together in love and support, feeling often for the first time, that they are not alone. That they are seen, heard, and valued. And finding answers for lingering questions, as well as hope for issues they have felt hopeless in for far too long.  

Our MUTU Mama’s are beautiful, resilient, strong women. We adore them. 

We were able to (virtually) ‘sit down’ with one of our MUTU mamas, Jessica, and really pick her brain about her experience with MUTU and how it has impacted the back pain after birth that she has been dealing with for so long. So grab your favourite beverage, a cozy blanket, and settle in to read about Jessica’s MUTU Journey and path to healing.


Jessica! Thanks so much for agreeing to share your MUTU Story, we are so excited to share your experience. Tell us a bit about you and your family.

My name is Jessica and I am a homeschooling mum living on the tiny British island of Guernsey. I have two daughters, ages 7 & 5 and our newest addition, a little boy arrived just 4 months ago!

What first drew you to MUTU?

After the birth of my second daughter I was left with long term sacroiliac dysfunction. I had lived with back pain and instability on a daily basis for over 4 years when I came across MUTU. I saw that the program could help with back pain after birth and thought I’d give it a go.

What symptoms were you dealing with before you started MUTU?

Lower back pain was just a part of daily life for me. I was constantly aware of niggles and a general sense of instability. The first couple of years postpartum I’d wake up in the morning and often be limping my back and core were so weak. I couldn’t sit on the floor to play with my children for long and going out for a picnic or an afternoon at the beach and sitting on the ground could leave me hobbling around for the rest of the week, so I just avoided these activities. About twice a year I’d have a major flare up of pain which left me so debilitated I’d need the use of crutches to get around.

How were you feeling before you started the program?

To be honest I had just resigned myself to the fact that this was life postpartum for me. It’d been over 4 years of daily back pain after birth and although the pain had improved somewhat through regular exercise, the instability was just always there.

How was it as you started your MUTU Journey?

I found the program really easy to use. I particularly love the online tracking system and reminders. I also love how MUTU Food is not a diet but about encouraging you to bring in the good and switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Before MUTU had you tried anything to help with your back pain?

Before MUTU I had seen a women’s health physiotherapist in the early months postpartum and would go a few times a year to see an Osteopath if I had an increase in pain so that they could help align me again. However, this only ever alleviated the pain for a time but never fully got rid of the instability and weakness that caused it.

Now you’ve completed the program (yay!) What positive impacts have you noticed from MUTU?

I had almost completed the program when I found out I was pregnant with my third child. In that time I had become pain free and being pain free really improved not just my physical health, but my mental and emotional health also. I had more energy and motivation and finally started to see the “baby” weight coming off, weight I’d struggled to lose for years. Once pregnant again I used the program to maintain my fitness and pelvic floor strength throughout pregnancy and although I knew I’d have some pelvic girdle pain again, it didn’t start until 26 weeks in this pregnancy – it had started at only 16 weeks in my previous one! Now that my baby boy is here I’m working my way through the program once again, already pain free and noticing great improvements in my pelvic floor strength. My aim is to have completed the program again by the end of the year.

Did MUTU help with anything that you were not expecting when you first started?  

I wasn’t expecting the program to relieve my back pain so quickly if at all! I’d been doing strength training for a couple of years before starting the program, seen a physiotherapist and numerous osteopaths so I wasn’t really holding out much hope that MUTU would fix my back problems at all so when by week two I realised I had been pain free and not had to think about my back in days I was both delighted and amazed.

Looking back now, what would you say to your ‘before MUTU self?’

I would tell myself not to settle. Not to accept that back pain after birth is just a part of postpartum life for mothers. It doesn’t have to be and I wish I had found MUTU so much sooner.

Do you have a message for any mums still sitting on the fence about joining the MUTU community?

Hurry up and join! Honestly, I now recommend MUTU to all my pregnant and postpartum friends. Postpartum recovery is not easy, physically or emotionally, especially when you have young children to care for so having a program to guide you is so reassuring, it’s one less thing to worry about and enables you to prioritise your own self care.

And last question for you, How has MUTU impacted your life personally and your family too?

Personally, MUTU has given me a new lease of life. Living with back pain after birth daily is incredibly draining and restrictive but now that I don’t have to I have so much more energy for my children; I can sit and play on the floor with them, picnics no longer have to be avoided, I can even run around with them in the park. I now get to be the fun mum and active woman that I want to be, nothing is off limits!

To all you mamas out there

We are so grateful to Jessica for taking the time to talk with us about her MUTU experience and just how much MUTU helped in freeing her from back pain after birth. To all you mamas out there who might be feeling how Jessica was before starting her MUTU journey, please know that you do not have to stay there. To repeat what Jessica told us, nothing is off limits! A life full of confidence and free from postpartum back pain is yours for the taking. 

Your body is incredible. Sometimes it might need a little additional love and care to get it fully thriving again, so it can continue to support you even better in helping you live the life you want to live! And mama, you deserve that! 

You can read reviews from our customers HERE and to find out how MUTU System can help you find relief from your postpartum back pain check out our clinically proven program here and get results!

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